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Isla Mujeres 2007 ~ Day 9

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 5/17/2007

Isla Mujeres February 2007

Day 9

Wednesday February 28

“Surprise Amiga Arrives!”

Up with the sun….it’s 27C and 79% humidity…love it!

After checking out the start of the day, I go back to bed until 7. If the wind is cooperating we will be going with Captain Tony to Isla Contoy today. Off to the Super Express for some croissants and yogurt and by 8, we are gathered by our door for brekkies. It was too windy on the balcony which may not be a good sign…

Grabbing our snorkel gear just in case, we walk the few blocks to Tony’s. Once again, the wind is not behaving and there is no Contoy trip today. Oh well! I’m sure we’ll find something to do! For starters we make dinner plans with Stacey and Colin, Jean and Rich. More people would get added to that list as the day went on!

Vince and I pick up some freshly squeezed orange juice from a cart on Medina…$22MXP. Vince also decides that he’s tired of just picking up one or two Negra Modelo at a time and looks for a mass purchase. We hop on the moped and make the rounds of ‘beer stores’ in centro. Vince lucks out and finds a place that has what he’s looking for. Who knew that you could carry this many cervezas on a moped! We drove very carefully!

With the cervezas chillin’ in the fridge, we quickly make our way to Playa Norte, deciding to relax at Buho’s today. As we round the last corner, there is a woman walking towards us. I say to Vince ‘Gee, that lady sure looks like Jan’….He was about to say the same thing when we realize…Hey, that IS Jan!!!! Sure enough, Jan has surprised all of us! Jan and Bruce were both supposed to be on Isla the same time as us, but long story short, it didn’t work out for them and we had really been missing their company. Sweetheart that Bruce is, he sent Jan off for a short visit while he continued working at home. What a surprise!

Jan had been looking for us at Buho’s and had been on her way back to Playa Sol. Vince turns the moped around and Jan and I walk to Sergio’s where we are sure to find more amigos to surprise. And boy, are Jean and Faith surprised!

We quickly get settled with drinks and food and enjoy the rest of the afternoon together. Ziggy brings us our usual…

Jean and Rich laze away…

Lots of dips in the sea with mucho girl talk….Vince drags me away around 4 for our usual circle tour. We stop to watch some people on the zip line at Garrafon…

The bakery is open on our way back home, so we just have to stop in there for some more goodies too…this time we got some very good banana bread too. When we arrive home to Roca Mar, we find Ingrid and Rick by the pool and we all share the bakery goodies...dessert for appetizers!

We quickly get ready for our dinner gathering…arriving at Miguel’s for drinks. The gang is here!...

We keep Miguel very busy!...

John quenches his thirst…

Colin must have captured a good one!...

Frank is a happy guy!…

Faith and Jan….

Colin and a goofy Stacey!....

Shooter and April…

Doris and Ingrid fighting over the pomegranate margaritas!

Kitties enjoying some treats….

Ok everyone…smile!!!

By 9, tummies are grumbling and we make our way to Amigos for dinner. They scrambled to put enough tables together for us….they were very nice about such a large group.

Shooter enjoys digging into the garlic bread…

Ingrid and I share a pizza….

Vince has a steak and the most delicious twice-baked potato…..yummmmmy!

Shooter goes straight for dessert….

April enjoys every drop of ice cream!....

There is much laughter and chatter over dinner…such wonderful memories of fun times shared together. The happy gang….

For some strange reason Jean thinks she can fly, and Vince decides to join in…I don’t know about those two!

Lots of hugs goodbye as Ingrid and Rick, Vince and I will be off island for a few days and by the time we get back, some of our amigos will be gone. It will be quiet here without them! Thanks for a wonderful evening amigos!

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