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June 7 - June 16, 2007 Trip Report & Pics, DAY 4

By: pacia (View Profile)
Date: 8/19/2007

DAY 4 (Sunday, June 10)

Another hot, gorgeous, clear day! None of us had any trouble getting up in time for our trip to Isla Contoy.

Unfortunately we took pictures on this outing using a store brand underwater
disposable camera. They look like scanned pictures from the '70's! FYI, last
year our Kodak disposables turned out just fine.

We walked around the corner to Captain Tony's:

We hung out on the curb for a bit while Tony and his mate took care of
installing a new motor for the boat. It was just the five of us and another
gentleman. He said he comes to Isla about 8 times a year - sometimes for a
couple weeks at a time, sometimes just for the weekend. His wife was on Isla
with him, but she's not a big boat fan, so she relaxed on land while her
hubby took this day trip.

We all brought our own snorkeling gear, but no fins...Tony had several pair.
Tony's mate helped all of us find some that fit (I don't remember his name -
but he was a really nice guy and from Italy - it was his second day working
for Tony).

It was time to go. Our friend Randall was pretty apprehensive/nervous about
all of this. The first time he'd been on a boat was on the ferry on the way
over to Isla. :) But he was determined to do this, and so we went on our
way. Poor thing! He was yellow the whole way there.

We stopped at the reef and snorkeled for a bit. I was a little freaked out
jumping in, but all was good once I relaxed and let the current pull me. Wow.
The disposable camera pics just can't do it justice. I am now seriously
considering the purchase of an underwater casing for our digital camera. This
fan coral, for instance, was a brilliant red:

We snorkeled for about 30 minutes or so (it seemed more like 5 minutes!), and
headed toward Contoy. The slow boat ride along the coast is so peaceful and

Stefan and I:

We walked around and then lounged around on the beach for a couple hours.
Again, horrible quality but you get the idea:

Captain Tony grilled up a wonderful meal of fish, chicken and all the fixins.
It was fabulous!

We walked up the lighthouse, followed the path to the open Caribbean side,
and came back to the bay in time to see a stingray gliding through the
shallow water.

Amanda and the stingray:

She's beautiful:

We spent the rest of our time on Contoy relaxing under our palapa and
splashing around in the bay:

Then it was time to go back home (oh, darn!)...It was a calm, relaxing ride
back to Isla Mujeres (Randall would beg to differ, who was still yellow).

After showers and a rest, we headed out for dinner to Bistro Francais. My
Chicken Cordon Bleu was as good as it was last year. Everyone else enjoyed
their dinner as well.

We were all exhausted, and walked around the corner to our hotel like a pack
of zombies. We were cozy and in bed by 11PM (again!). Zzzz....

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