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Isla Mujeres 2006 Trip Report - Day 20 - Part 2

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 6/22/2006


Isla Mujeres 2006

Day 20 – March 12 Part 2

“Sun, Sand, Surf And…..Sunday Ribs!”

After our scenic beach walking tour, we head straight for M & J Cazuela’s to ease our grumbling tummies. Pedro brings us our ‘usuals’….delicious as always. We really should try other spots for breakfast, but why mess with perfection!

Upstairs to get ready for the beach and then it’s time to hop on Pepe for the short ride to Playa Norte. The beach is there, just waiting for our return….

Hmmmm…should we just find a spot under the palms today?....

I can hardly wait to cool off in that gorgeous water….

We walk past the palms….

…deciding that chairs and an umbrella might be a nice treat today….

The perfect spot to enjoy this view today….

I will never tire of this vista….

We lay back….time to roast and relax, read a few chapters, and take some refreshing swims in the sea. And of course, since it’s Sunday, Vince dashes off to fetch boneless ribs from the famous Rib Man for lunch. A double order!!!! As delicious as they are, I didn’t think we’d be able to finish all of them…good thing that we had a newfound friend to help us!....

She LOVES the ribs….I have a feeling that she has probably had them before! She doesn’t move from our chairs while we eat and we made sure to share a lot with her.

Once we were done, I put some water in the container for her…she liked that too. I always wonder where the dogs on Isla get their fresh water. The ribs are all gone, but she digs a nice little hole in the sand and gets comfy right next to my chair.

If I didn’t have four lazy cats at home, this sweetheart would have been on the plane with me!

During the afternoon, our boat pulls up….don’t I wish!...

Oh well, no yacht in our lives, but at least we have each other!

We are roasted and toasted, so I quickly agree with Vince when he suggests our usual afternoon moped ride. A great way to cool off! We zoom off down the east side, stopping just before Punta Sur to take a closer look at these wall fence figurines.

We cruise around the point by Garrafon and up the west coast, noticing that it is getting close to sunset time. We arrive at Sergio’s Playa Sol, just in time to grab a happy hour drink and a spot to enjoy the view…

And as always, we are not disappointed….

Another couple kindly offers to take our photo….

We sit back and enjoy the rest of the show….

As dusk falls, we also fall silent…each of us knowing that there is only one more Isla sunset waiting for us on this holiday. Well, let’s enjoy every second until then! Back on Pepe, we make our way home to clean up for dinner. Our noses lead us to Hidalgo…not feeling adventurous today so we end up at our favourite spot, Angelo’s. We decide on salad, pasta and vino blanco and again, it is all delicious. Too full and too tired to walk to Color de Verano for dessert, we do a little more shopping on the way home and enjoy a refreshing lime popsicle.

With the waves crashing endlessly below our windows, we fall asleep with smiles on our faces, looking forward with mixed emotions to our last full day on Isla….

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