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Here Goes Nothing...Lazy Day Numero Dos April 10, 2008

By: sandybunz (View Profile)
Date: 8/13/2011

I never know what time it is and really have to check on the date every day...ahhhh...kind of a nice way to be for once! Got up to yogurt and granola again. Im thinking its a good way to ward off any bacteria that may enter in even though Im not really afraid of that. John hung around and did some more work. To his credit he did finish his book The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. Im almost done with On Mexican Time but I dont want it to be finished. Im savoring it...It is fun relating to Tony Cohns way of describing things down here. Always a dog barking and a nail being hammered in somewhere. Ok, today feels like a beach day. We went down and snoozed with our rum and mango and books.

Lunch consisted of bacon tomato in tortillas. We really dont do much bread at home so tortillas are a good substitute. Around 5pm we decided to walk to the tienda up the street for a couple of those huge bottles of Sol and some ice cream for after dinner. When we got up to the main road we found ourselves participants in the strange "quittin time" pilgrimage of construction workers walking north on both sides of the road. A group of men walk by us just giggling and hee hawing about something and John and I just look at each other having caught their contagion and smile. Life is good. Got our supplies and got back in time for another spectacular sunset. I will miss them when I am on the other side of the island but then maybe we will see some great sunrises...well, maybe.

Spiced up some chicken breasts and had them with some sauteed onions peppers and frijoles negros with lime and minced onion. Delicious. We are really enjoying our meals in seclusion and peace. Watched the Pirates of the Caribbean, so appropriate as we feel like pirates...argghh!

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