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My March 2006 trip

By: bjmpac
Date: 4/1/2006

I posted this on Phil's board but will cross post since there are lots of other folks here. Apologies in advance for typo's, poor grammar and lack of proper pronunciation- I would never write a report if I took care of all that stuff!

my photojam March2006 :

A wonderful time as always. Stayed at Villa Makax studios on Juarez close to downtown, all the room photos are of Casita Peyton at Makax. There was a stunning view of the Caribbean as soon as one opened the door to the unit. That view was even clearer from the totally comfortable-- to me, I like hard beds-- king bed overlooking the water! The unit had everything except a microwave would have been nice. Gwen from Isla Beckons is wonderful to rent from.

What I did on Isla:

My last 8 months have been difficult ones, many hurricanes, surgery and other medical problems; moving to a new city; working nights and changing jobs. So-- for the first 3 days. I slept a lot! I was mesmerized by the sea and also loving the books I had brought with me. I re-read an old classic

[u]Don't Stop the Carnival [/u] by Herman Wouk. This book is the number one, must read for anyone ever considering a move to the tropics.

I read 3 1/2 books this trip, so that was great.

Besides sleeping, I attended the party at Casa Luna Turquesa on Wednesday night with a lot of board folks present. Party was hosted by Catz, Laurie and Steffanie. The Casa was gorgeous and having a full moon over the Caribe added to the scene. Of course being a full ( or almost full) moon-- people were acting as they do in a full moon-- you fill in the blanks here...... So all the partying type pictures are of that night.

I wasn't going to fish this trip-- but when I saw a boat with fishing rods pull up to the pier at Sergio's on Saturday-- my heart did flip flops-- I inquired and yes-- this was the Capt Pulpo I had been looking for all last year ! We arranged to go out on Sunday early. Of course the wind started blowing with the beginnings of that front that continued all week. We altered our plans to go way offshore, but found almost immediate action not too far out. I brought back 4 nice sized king mackerel (one that was bit in half by a huge shark); 2 large yellowtail snappers (rubia in Spanish); and 2 ever ubiquitous barracuda. We had triple hookups of Kings several times during the trip. Since I was the only one fishing, we had a hard time keeping them all on the lines. Capt Pulpo and his captain in training--Omar, were both very funny and professional. We laughed all day long. I have wanted to go to the beach at Isla Blanca since last year, but by 2pm the winds had increased to the point that we couldn't safely anchor there. Next time.... Awesome day overall

That night I was invited to a small fiesta/birthday party at my neighbor's house. It was a good time, with gracious hosts Gabriel and Maria and the birthday woman, Gabriela who was 21 that day. Tasty chicken tacos and fixings.

Beach, beach, beach...spent time at Sergio's, NaBalam, Buho's. Had an enjoyable afternoon with Diane in Tx and Jorge over at Sergio's one day. My last day, Monday 3/20 the winds were blowing hard. I was with friends Hannah and Fati at Sergio’s; I actually got sand-blasted on my back for the 15 minutes I had my over-shirt off. Sand blowing HARD everywhere, into eyes, mouth, hair drinks........time to look for another location. The only place in the lee of the wind that day was Na Balam, so we spent a relaxed afternoon there. Then it was on to the colonias to visit at Fati's house with her kids.

Other events: I had 2 massages from MaryAnn Burns who came to my place. That was somewhat chaotic in terms of getting together, since I was unable to use my cell phone the entire time I was there. She is great and I recommend setting up an appt via email beforehand, I learned the hard way.

I spent time hanging in the zocolo on 2 different occasions. Met up with Island Nana, Judith and spending some time together talking.

Visited with friends from previous visits who live on Isla. Watched the sun rise each day and drove my golf cart all over the island early in the mornings, enjoy the relative quiet and sights.

[b]Food[/b] Poc Chuc: sopa de lima,and some kind of pork-- yummers; Buho's: whole fried yellowtail snapper, EXCELLENT !! ; Amigos: Mots, chile quiles w/chicken; some other egg dish and MANGO LICUADO- to die for. I had breakfast at Amigos several times. fun to watch Hildago waking up. Picus: grilled lobster in garlic, tough and very chewy, but a good flavor, good guacomole. Freddy's: dinner here 2x, once with the St Paddy's day crowd-- Thank you Brisa for my hat!--- yummers baked shrimp and also a plate of mixed tacos and enchildadas, very good. Ribs from the rib man, as always tasty, albeit very greasy. I had my favorite Sopa de Lima a few other times as well as guac. The club sandwich at NaBalam was kinda gross-- big chunks of uncooked bacon. yuck.
My favorite new taste of this trip was the Mango Shake at Amigos.

I don't drink alcohol-- but the bottled ice cold Cristal water was great! LOL. I would give my first born puppy….for someone who carried Beck’s non-alcoholic beer: Hakke-Beck. I know that there is Old Milwaukee N/A beer available in Cancun—but I’d rather have water then drink that. I did have a few pinata’s or virgin pina colada’s at Sergios for a change of pace.

Going home, I missed the ferry I was supposed to take because the road was closed off for Benito Juarez day and statue dedication—no cabs coming down my street and by the time I realized what was happening and walked up to the other intersection I missed my 10:30 am ferry. No problem, Best Day was there for some others and honored my return reservation without question. Excellent service from them as always and in plenty of time for the airport scene.

Adios Isla Mujeres…… Volveré muy pronto

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