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Kansas City to Isla... Part Two.

By: KCBrowns (View Profile)
Date: 3/9/2010

Just wanted to clear some stuff up and include some other details. Brain cells are growing back, ya know.

Sunday... or Monday... still not clear, we rented scooters from Ciros... great people and good equipment. We rented them cause they are faster and we both have motorcycle experience. She used to have a BMW 650GS and I had a BMW 1150GS... sold for other travel interest. First off we headed to Playa Lancheros, but landed on Albatross beach club instead. Early in the day this is a great place. Clean, nice furniture, good prices... then the boats land. OMG... I felt so sorry for those people. They were tagged like cattle going to slaughter. Some had four or five wrist bands for activities they had to do on someone elses schedule and probably at a premium price. "Whos going snorkeling at 1:00... theyd cheer, stand up and walk in a line (look at the photo link in the other thread)... real sad. Go on vacation and still be told when to do and what to do and for how long to do it... NOT ME SUCKA... back off. We hung around here for a while and then got on our scooters and split... when we wanted and in the direction we wanted. To each thier own.

Another note: We also walked north on the beach beyond Lancheros and walked into El Pescador beach club... calling this a beach club is an exageration. It is visited by Caribbean Carnival tours from Cancun... more sad people. More signs than a national park. Lockers this way, bathrooms this way, food over there, beach back there... dont walk here, stay out of here, go over there... jeepers... we were losing our buzz and quickly ran back to where we came from. Depressing.

Im disapointed that I didnt consult my Laura map and see I was not further down Sac Bajo than we were. I should have gone to Zamas and seen what others have claimed to be a good experience and value.

When we left the beach we toured Colonia la Gloria on the scooter... thank doG that the locals watch out for us loco tourist on scooters. I owe that guy a beer for not splatting me. Along the water front I wanted to view Casa Margaritaville as I have seen it online and it seemed a great water front value. Instead there was a property manager next door at Casa Marlena. That is a great place. Private pool, two bedrooms, right on the water... $1200/week. Not bad if you can spit it with another couple. She was very nice and let us look the place over top to bottom and inside and out. Good stuff.

I dont know if I spent enough time on our eperience at El Charco (Daisy and Rauls). It is GREAT. Very small, very busy, but worth it. GREAT... did I say that? Lisa and I had tortas... OMG Great. Nice place. Will be back.

Hildago Cafe: Eastern European... maybe russian... italian influenced... ???? We stopped in because Lisa had an upset stomach and needed warm water for a sodium bicarb... cafe = warm water. I looked at the menu and they had a salted crepe side... loaded with veggies and cheese. I ordered with a side of salad. Their salad is cooked and seasoned veggies like corn and potatoes. It was unbelievably good. Lisa was feeling better so she ordered one. We both had two cups of hot tea, water, and were stuffed.... $180 pesos. That was probably the best meal I had on the island and it was the last day.

Regrets: If you like waves crashing on large rocks. Go to Puna Sur... ALONE... or at least with others that dont have other places they want to go. I could have easily have spent a half day watching that water crash on the rocks. Next time I will.

If the wife wants to swim with the dolphins... let her. I dont know if I really prevented it, but I should have made an effort to make it happen. My thoughts were the weather... it was never great. Wind wind and more wind. We should have gone anyway. Next time we will. Thats the issue... what if there is no NEXT TIME.

We love that island like so many of you do. We will be back. I had a realization on the flight home. I sold my motorcycle with the intention of funding more travel with my wife, but thought I would get another bike... now I doubt it. I dont feel that hunger for the road as I did before we left. Isla has ruined me. I wish we could spend more than 10-11 days at a spell, but that is about the limit our business will tolerate without it having too much of a negative impact. Maybe we can do three of those... more likely two, but one can wish.

Cheers, safe travels, relax... enjoy life. Tomorrow you may not be able.

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