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JetBoo and Other Trip Ramblings. May 25 - June 1 oops 2 , 2008 part 5

By: allnicksgone (View Profile)
Date: 6/11/2008

Stopped at the turtle farm one day. After having his hand nearly bitten off the first time, this brave boy goes back to feed the turtle again.

Just kidding, Im sure the bandaged hand had nothing to do with turtles. I hope.

Shark in a pen at the turtle farm.

The reason I show this photo is a true story.

One morning, when the sun was still kind of low in the sky, and nobody else was out yet I was swimming in the water near Sergios. My girlfriend stayed on the beach. We had the whole beach to ourselves. This is a great time to enjoy the water.

Anyways, the water was a little rough this morning, so it wasnt quite as clear as it could be. I was all the way out by the buoys when I saw a shape in the water that looked just like this photo. I quickly start heading towards the beach trying not to splash around too much. I knew there hasnt been any chatter of anybody seeing sharks around here, but I wasnt taking any chances.

After I get about half way back, I realized the shape was just my shadow.

Random photo of a zipper, zippily zipping down the zip line.

Of course we spent some time at Playa Norte.

Gilrfriend enjoying the water.

There was some seaweed at the beach. It wasnt too hard to find a path around it to get to the clear water.

If you keep walking way, way out, it gets deeper. It came to my neck. Then keep on walking and suddenly it gets shallow, only to my knees. Then walk a little farther until it gets to your waist. It is this area where you will find the best water in the world. The water is so clear, warm, and pretty. You are far away from the beach. Your feet are walking on pure, white, soft sand. All you hear is the waves. I imagined this must be what heaven is like.

Sorry I dont have a picture of this area. I didnt want to risk soaking my camera.

One day we stopped at one of the beach bars for a drink before enjoying the sun at Playa Norte. After a pina colada, we go out and lay down our beach blanket. I have noticed that my scalp has been feeling a little tingly lately. (The sun makes you notice your hair is thinner than you realized.) Not wanting to get a serious sunburn, I reach into our beach bag to get my Pittsburgh Penguins hat. Its not there. I know I had it earlier. The girlfriend suggest I go to the bar to see if I left it there.

I ask the bartender if he seen it. He didnt. Another couple, who wasnt there earlier, said a vendor lady selling jewelry or something saw a hat on the ground nearby and asked if it was theirs. They told her no and she seemed excited to be the new owner of this hat with a cute penguin on it.

I feel bad about the prospect of taking it away from her, but it is the only hat I have, and it is the week of the Stanley Cup, and I am sure I would never find another Penguin hat on the island. So I walk up to beach to find her.

You would be suprised at how easy it is to spot a lady selling things on a white sandy beach, wearing traditional Mayan clothes, and a light blue baseball cap. OK, maybe you wouldnt be suprised.

So I found her, and she gladly gave the hat back. When I get back to my beach blanket, I decided I would buy something from her for my girlfriend (not really sure what she was seling though). But I never did see her again.

Didnt get to capture any cloudless sunsets. But the clouds do make some pretty colors.

to be continued.....

Hopefully I will get to the reason why this story is titled JetBoo.

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