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sheepdog3 trip to isla day1&2

By: sheepdog3 (View Profile)
Date: 7/5/2010

well we are back from our 7 day trip to isla and cancun. the first day june 26th it rained, stopped a little, just enough for us to sit on top of the ferry. the water however looked gray and dark blue. we loved the smell of the sea as soon as we hit grande puerto. we knew that if the rain stopped and the wind held, our trip would be great!!! it started raining hard when we got to the dock so we bought a swam with the whale sharks tee shirt. they only had short sleeves in the childrens we had to buy the long sleeved one. that was kind of nice because it got cool in the rain that night. we checked into the avalon and they upgraded us to a villa for free ,we got one that was near the kings bath. the sights were beautiful! the waves were crashing over the rocks so hard and the kings bath was totaly covered with waves, you could hardly make out the bath. we took movies of the waves. it is a long walk from the avalon so we got a taxi to jax, i think we paid $3.00 us for it. we watched the end of the football match between the usa and i think ghana. we had nacos and beer. the owner was there and introduced herself. she was very nice. we met a nice couple who shared the nachos with us and we told them about the isla chatter board. they liked the idea of talking to people on isla all year round and will probably look it up. it rained all evening and we broke our umbrella. we wanted to eat at valezquez but it was closed. so we went down to hildago. we did not see any of the chatter board people at jax or about town. we ate at a place where there is music nightly. i think it is called faynes my coconut shrimp were rubbery and cost 14.00 we were not especially pleased with the meal. we went to the super xpress and got oj and pastries for breakfast. there was coffee in the room but no sugar so i could not drink it. my husband joe likes it black so he did. it was still raining in the am so we left for the ferry and it stopped raining for one hour. when we were sitting at the dock a man ask us if we had transportation to the airport? we said no we would take a taxi to our hotel in cancun. he said no senior they will charge you 40 us dollars. but i can call my friends over there and get it for you at 25 us dollars. we said no thank you we dont intend to pay that much. he laughed at us. when we got to the taxis they said 25us, we said 200mexican he said noo 20 us. we said 200mexican more we only have pesos. he said 200 mexico pesos plus a tip. we agreed. he took us all the way to the golden parnassus. it was a light sprinkle all day and cloudy most of the day. by night time the rain stopped and a turtle tried to lay her eggs but couldnt climb up the steep bank that is the way the beach has erroded this winter.

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