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January 2008 Wedding and Trip Report

By: leeannpan
Date: 8/10/2008

After much lurking, I thought Id try my hand at a trip report.

We visited Isla Mujeres in January, 2008.This was our second visit to Isla Mujeres - our first visit was a few years back, and we only spent a few days on the island as we were in Cancun for a wedding. We immediately fell in love with the island - and regretted spending so much time in Cancun!

When my partner and I decided to get married, Isla Mujeres was the first place we thought of and so decided to go for it. We wanted something extremely simple (and inexpensive) and after contacting a few of the wedding services on Isla, were kindly directed to Sabina. She provided the most perfect and beautiful service - and we were able to add a special ceremony that reflected my Thai ethnicity. And she arranged for a very inexpensive and capable photographer - Captain Tony.

The only thing that I didnt really like had nothing at all to do with Sabina, but more to do with the weather - initially we were supposed to have the ceremony at the beach at Su Casa, but we moved it to the beach in front of Sunset Grill because of the threat of rain - and that meant there were lots of people around, taking our pictures (and even some videos). It wasnt exactly the private ceremony that we had envisioned - but we quickly got over it - it was so incredibly beautiful and perfect, it just took our breath away.

We had dinner in the sand at Sunset Grill and the food and service was perfect. Instead of the buffet we opted to have the guests just order off the menu - which was great. Theres nothing like having dinner with the sand in your toes, the sound of the ocean in the background and the light of the tiki torches and candles flickering. And of course there was a great mariachi that played a few songs for us.

We cant say enough about how great the Sunset Grill was - one of our guests had a little too much Don Julio and they were so helpful with her. We also cant say enough about how great Sabina was - it can be daunting to plan a wedding from far away, and she made it so easy.
By the time everyone left Mexico and we were able to just relax and enjoy our vacation, all we wanted to do was lounge around on the beach, drink beers, throw the frisbee around and think about great it was to escape a Nebraska winter for a while - so thats what we did.

Here are some highlights:

We stayed at Elements of the Island and we absolutely loved it. Lisa and Cesar are amazing - in fact, one of our pieces of luggage broke and Cesar offered to pick us up a new piece when he went into Cancun - that is not at all the kind of service you would get from anywhere else. The room was impeccable, the bed comfortable and of course the breakfast they offer is amazing.

The day that we rented a golf cart was one of our favorite days - its so great to see the island and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Visited El Pueblito for their famous special of guac and beers, tried to go to El Veradero, but it was closed. When we were cruising around, we had some young guys jump on the back of our golf cart and we took them around for a while.

As for our favorite dinner spots - Olivias and Comonos. As everyone has said, fantastic. Also couldnt get enough of the ice cream at Cool. We had almost every breakfast at Elements of the Island - and I am not a fan of breakfast foods, but I loved everything that I ate.

Most of the time we had lunch at the Sunset Grill - where we parked it for our beach time. One day we sat at Sergios but the day trippers and boats were just too distracting. Too many people for our taste. It was worth it to have to pay extra (and not extra if you sit in front of the Sunset Grill and then eat or drink there) to sit on that side of the beach - no day trippers. Plus they are just so great at the Sunset Grill.

Also, like everyone says, Laura’s mapchick map was indispensable!

It was an incredibly relaxing time on Isla - but we were both sad to see all of the construction going on. Makes you wonder how much things will change in the years to come.

Heres a link to a web album – there are a handful of wedding photos, too. Enjoy!

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