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Isla Mujeres August 2011-Day 2

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 9/16/2011

Isla Mujeres & Iberostar Paraiso del Mar August 2011

Day 2
Thursday August 25

Buenos dias Isla Mujeres! I’m up before the sun….mainly because we didn’t sleep that well with the heat. Vince thinks it’s kind of cool to have a heated toilet seat, but for me, it’s just like one never-ending hot flash! I drag him out to the malecon and the view just takes our breath away…..

This is one of the many reasons that we come to Isla Mujeres……

The stress of everyday life just disappears when you watch the beginning of a new and beautiful day……

The streets are peaceful and spotlessly clean….

Our hotel, Xbulu-Ha. The reception area is on the main floor on the left. Our room is upstairs on the left….

Off to the Super Express for a few things…..yogurt, water, manzana, bananas and of course, cerveza. Back to the room where I finish the unpacking while Vince runs up to the market for fresh orange juice. He brings it back and I can hardly wait for that sweet juicy goodness. But, uhoh…it’s really sour. Whenever we get OJ in February, it’s always so sweet….are the oranges different at this time of year?

After a few nibbles of breakfast, it’s back to the malecon for a walk south. We were meeting Cori and Pedro at Caribbean Casa for a look at the renovations. As we come near, we stop and our mouths drop open! Wow!!!! Unbelievable!!!

We are completely amazed and mesmerized at how quickly this has happened. The addition to Isladise is a bedroom, huge walk-in shower area, sunrise balcony and amazing sunset balcony complete with dipping pool. New updates throughout the entire unit….tile work around the entrances….

The townhouse has been painted and the front entrances have new arched entrances with tiles and iron gates. Perfect for having the door open to catch flow-through breezes…

A lot of progress has been made since we were there 3 weeks ago. I’m so jealous of whoever is staying there soon! You’re in for a treat! We still have about 145 more sleeps until it’s our turn!
Caribbean Casa

We can’t be in the way of the busy workers (hard workers with a smile always on their face!), so we wander back along the malecon, enjoying the beauty of the calm water….

I’m about to melt so we quickly get ready for la playa and carry the hotel-supplied beach back chairs with us. We head to our usual spot between Buho’s and Ixchel. It’s hot and steamy but we can see rain over on the mainland…..

We get settled but prepare to run if it starts to rain. It continues to look threatening, but the sun shines on Isla all afternoon and there is not a drop of rain…

Cori and Pedro join us for a while on the beach but it’s soon time to wander back to the room to get ready for our special dinner tonight. We are having dinner with Cori and Pete, along with Chen and Lee of ComoNo’s, and their new little sweetheart, Yahli. We are meeting at ComoNo’s where we will meet the new owner, Penny.

We arrive and are treated to complimentary mojitos…great start! Soon everyone arrives and we get to meet this little darling that arrived just a few days after we left in March. Yahli is adorable and the entire family is glowing……

I had made a photo memory book for Chen and Lee, filled with photos of our many visits to ComoNo over the last 6 years, along with photos of Isla Mujeres, so they will never forget their time in paradise….

And a few little souvenirs from Canada for Yahli so they don’t forget their Canuck amigos who will miss them dearly….

It’s time for dinner and after meeting Penny, who is thoroughly enjoying her new adventure, the food begins to arrive….yummy!!


Spring rolls….

Chorizo sausage…

Grilled fish filet…

Greek salad with a few of those decadent cheese balls…

Grilled shrimp….

Everything was wonderful and as consistently delicious as always. I’m so happy that we will be able to continue to enjoy our favourite restaurant on Isla. Chen and Lee built a gem, and Penny will move on with the tradition. Don’t miss this place!!!

We had a wonderful evening…way too much vino and giggles….little Yahli kept her eye on us!

Chen and Lee are now back in Israel, beginning a new adventure and we wish them nothing but success and happiness in their future. We wish the same to Penny and ComoNo and look forward to many more delicious dinners!

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