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The Two Old Fat Guys Great Mexican Adventure 1/25/06 - 2/1/06

By: Homebrew55 (View Profile)
Date: 2/4/2006

The Two Old Fat Guys Great Mexican Adventure

January 25 – February 1, 2006


Well, this all started about a year ago. I had just booked a trip to go to Key West in May and cashed in 25,000 Delta sky miles. I wanted to book another trip for in the Fall, but the airfare to KW was only $286 at the time. Why waste more sky miles when it’s that cheap, eh? So I started to seek out places to go that would make better use of the miles.

Hey… what about Cancun, Mexico! I had only been to Cozumel, and that was only on cruise ships. How awesome would it be to spend 5 days in some all-inclusive Cancun mega resort? Y-E-A-H BABY! The airfare was close to $700, but only 30,000 sky miles. That’s what I’m talking about! Now, I just need to find that awesome
all-inclusive mega resort!

Bring it on Google… show me what you got… take me to the land of all you can eat, all you can drink, all-inclusive Heaven! Somehow (Thank GOD!) my search included the web site for Avalon Resorts! Hmmmm… they have resorts in Acapulco, Cancun, and someplace called “Isla Mujeres.” OK, sounds interesting, but where is it and WHAT is it?

“Situated on a private islet on the secluded island of Isla Mujeres, six and a half miles northeast of Cancun, the Avalon Reef Club is truly defined by the beauty, enjoyment, relaxation and romance of being just footsteps from the sea. This unique, all-inclusive resort, accessible only by ferry, is strikingly different from other resorts…”

OK, that sounds nice and it’s close to Cancun, we may have a winner. Now let’s Google “Isla Mujeres” and see if we can find out more about this little “secluded island”. Next thing I know I was paying my first visit to the web site and message board. My first post was the typical one I have seen so many times since:

“Looking for information about the Avalon Resort. Has anyone stayed there, if so what’s it like? Any information would be greatly appreciated”

Within a couple of hours I think I got about 20 replies… One said Avalon was a great place and they really enjoyed their stay there… the other 19 suggested I get my head examined for even thinking about doing such a stupid thing!!

So I spent the next month asking a bunch of questions about where to stay, visiting the web sites, looking at pictures, reading trip reports and convincing my buddy to go with me cause I really wasn’t sure I wanted to do this whole “Mexico thing” alone the very first time. He was in and we booked the air and rooms at Media Luna for 10/27-11/1.

With the trip still many months off I continued to get daily “Isla Fixes” from the message boards and I’d copy and paste pieces of info along with pictures and send them to my amigo. By the time October rolled around we were ready! Unfortunately, so was WILMA and the trip had to be postponed! We moved it to January and had to book rooms at Posada, as Media Luna was sold out. FINALLY, the long awaited day arrived and we were on our way…

Day 1 Wednesday, 1/25

Our bags are packed, we’re ready to go… 3 suitcases each filled with Isla DVD’s from Douglas & Cynthia, a copier toner cartridge for LYSH, pastel copier paper and laminating sheets for Maggie at La Gloria, and a “few” toys for the Ninos…

50 tropical fish bubbles
50 butterfly, star and guitar bubble necklaces
150 glow sticks
50 flutes
50 mini key chain flashlights
50 glider planes

Plus we had an assortment of items to leave for our maids each day along with some pesos… bath & shower gels, body lotion, nail polish, scented candles, etc.

Somehow, we even managed to pack a few clothes!

We flew from Cincinnati to Atlanta, then onto Cancun, arriving on time.

Oh boy, now the fun starts…. Immigration, baggage, the dreaded green light/red light thing, (how do I explain all this crap in my suitcases?) the gauntlet to the transportation area, then actually getting to the ferry! I can feel the sweat forming on my brow! Well, I guess the Isla Gods were shining down upon us as I think we set a record.

The plane landed at 2:30PM and we made the 3:30PM ferry with time to spare! Breezed thru immigration, no line. Baggage was there in a couple of minutes. Both got green lights. And I guess one advantage to being “the two old fat guys” is nobody even approached us as we ran the gauntlet. We walked outside and there was Cancun Valet holding a sign with my name on it. Just like that we were in the back seat of an air conditioned Suburban and headed for the ferry! S-W-E-E-T!

We arrive on Isla and get one of the tricycle amigos to walk our bags and us to the Posada. The plan at this point in time is to check in, go to our rooms, unpack and get settled in. We had rooms right next to each other in the new section. As we were both opening our doors and struggling with our bags, we looked at each other and simultaneously said “CERVEZAS”… so much for unpacking!

We went to the bank and each traded in $100 US for $1,030 in Mexican Fun Money! Up to Hidalgo and our first 2 for 1 at Don Cheapos! We eventually made it back to the room and unpacked. Then it was time to head for the Posada bar and meet the infamous ROMEO! Well, not only did we meet Romey but we got to meet Carl & Debbie. Well, Carl wasn’t there, so we only met Debbie… or was it Carl that we met and Debbie was the one that wasn’t there? Yeah, it was Carlos!!!

Well, back to Hidalgo and dinner at Amigos. I had chicken enchiladas and my buddy had chicken with mole sauce. Both were excellent. I don’t remember the price but it wasn’t very expensive.

We stopped and had one at Jax on the way back to the Posada. It had been a long day, and there were mucho cervezas in our future… it was time to call it a night.
What a wonderful day… we were FINALLY in Isla!

Day 2 Thursday, 1/26

Learned two things right off the bat…

1. When I read posts about Mexican beds being hard, I thought, “Com’on, how hard can they be?” Well, for anyone reading this that has NOT been to Isla yet and you’re curious as to what the beds are like, my advice is this… Put on whatever you normally wear to go to bed and go out and lay down in the middle of the street! Make sure it’s on CONCRETE and not a street that has been black topped, as I’m afraid the extra padding from the black top wouldn’t give you an accurate assessment of what you’re in store for!

2.Sleeping in at the Posada is not as option as the sun comes blasting in through those lovely LIGHT blue curtains bright and early every morning! I’ve never woken up at 6:30AM so many times in my entire life!

Decided to start the first full day with breakfast at the restaurant at Posada… Pinguinos. It was “OK”. Nothing special. Decent service and a nice view, but the food was so-so and a little expensive compared to the other places we would hit as the week went on.

Walked over to the Caribbean side to check out Media Luna. What a difference. The wind and the waves were incredible! I can see why many people prefer staying on that side of the island! I could definitely fall asleep to that sound every night!

We were really impressed with Media Luna… very nice! In fact standing on the beach looking up at the two… Media Luna and Secreto… if someone asked me which was the nicer, more expensive of the two; I would of picked Media Luna. I’m sure Secreto is much nicer inside, but from the outside, it’s not very impressive. Wish we had been able to stay there (Media Luna) back in October when the rate was $100 a night! I would pay that, but not what they’re asking now.

Today was going to be a beach day! I remember reading a post about Caribbean Queen beach bar and when we saw it was right across the street from Posada it worked for us. Lounge chairs and umbrellas are Free, and the service was great. We made friends with Jose right off the bat, and he took great care of us. We spent about 5 hours there, drank about 18 beers between the two of us and each had a plate of four pretty good chicken tacos, and 4 bottles of water. The total bill for the day was $430MP! Are you kidding me? For a little over $20 each we laid on this beautiful beach all day, had someone wait on us hand and foot, drank mucho cervezas, bottled water and had lunch! We tipped well enough that Jose said, “you come manana amigos, I take care of you!”

Well, after 9 beers and a day in the sun it’s time to partake in that great Mexican tradition…. SIESTA!! Gotta love them for coming up with the whole siesta thing… sure works for me!

At 7PM we head out again and start with a couple of Margarita’s at the Posada bar. I have to agree with some of the posts that said the drinks there are some of the more expensive on the island. And God love Romey, but I’ve never seen anyone move so S-L-O-W! Or should I say “deliberate”. Of course, he’ll live to be a 100 and I’ll be lucky to see 70! If there are more than a couple people there, be prepared to wait a while for your drinks! But it made for a good starting point each night and Romey is a great guy! Our mission tonight is to track down the other half of the former duo… Miquel!

First, we stop at Chris’s place to call home. Nice place with very reasonable prices… but dang, is it HOT in those little enclosed booths! I guess the benefit is you get a nice sauna while you make your calls!

We found Miquel’s new place and said “Hi”. What a great guy! We were in the mood for some sangria and he fixed us up! We really like Sangria, but have only had the bottled varieties like “Yago”. All the sangria down there is custom blended using regular red wine and it was really good. By the end of the week we had tried it at numerous places, but Miquel’s ended up being one of the best!

We bar hoped our way down Hidalgo and ended up at Freddy’s for dinner. What a great little place! I had to try this wonderful lime soup I had heard so much about! YUMMY! LOADED with shredded chicken! It was almost a meal in itself… but they don’t call us the two old fat guys for nothing! Bring MORE food! I had a grouper fillet in wine sauce. The grouper was excellent! The sauce was good, but too much of it and it really overwhelmed the wonderful fish. My buddy had chicken enchiladas, but they were deep fried for some reason. Not sure what that was all about, but he said they were good. We each had two Sol’s as well. The total for 4 beers, 2 soups and the 2 entrees was around $350MP! Not bad at all.

Then we stopped at Fayne’s for a couple and listened to the live music. What a great place to just sit and chill, people watch, and enjoy some great music.

Eventually ended back to Miquel’s where we saw our fellow buckeye Carlos. Still no Debbie, so I guess she really was back home supporting his Isla habit! Gotta LOVE this woman!
(Note to Debbie: do you have any unmarried sisters or girlfriends that would be interested in an old fat IslaHolic to support as well?)

On the way back to the Posada we both looked at each other and said “BIMBO DOGS” and we headed for the ferry dock. There it was… a pork lovers dream… the Bimbo Dog Cart! Have I died and gone to hot dog heaven? A grilled hot dog, wrapped in bacon, on a toasted bun, with sautéed onions, jalapenos, ketchup and mustard… we passed on the mayo! They NEED to sell these things at football games!!! LOL

Finally made it back to the Posada for a couple of cigars and cervezas on the balcony before calling it a night. A great end to our first full day in paradise!!

Day 3 Friday, 1/27

Today is Golf Cart Day! Look out Isla the two old fat guys have WHEELS!!!

But to start the day I was treated to my first Posada COLD shower! That will wake you up and get the blood flowing!!

We decided to try Bucanero’s for breakfast. EXCELLENT! Great service by a muy bonita senorita… took till the third day but I’m in love! LOL I had some eggs in bean sauce creation that was really good. What a great place to sit and watch Hidalgo come to life in the morning.

Off to Pepe’s to rent the golf cart for the day. $450MP later and we’re heading down Rueda Medina singing, “Get your motor runnin' Head out on the highway Lookin' for adventure And whatever comes our way” playing our air guitars!

We head down the Cancun side of the island and our first stop is the Turtle Farm. How CUTE are they? I wanted to bring one home and keep it in my bathtub! LOL

Stopped at Playa Lancheros in hopes of trying the world famous BBQ fish. But there wasn’t anything going on. A few people sitting under a shelter with what looked to be a buffet. Nobody grilling fish anywhere to be seen. I paid my dollar to go to the bathroom and we left. I don’t like my food starring back at me anyway so I really didn’t feel too bad about missing the whole fish thing!

We came around the end of the island and got to the overlook above Garrafon… WOW! How beautiful! It’s a shame Garrafon isn’t open cause we both decided we could of easily spent a day there!

Onto the southern tip and the views just became more breathtaking! My buddy bought some earrings from some guy out on the point while I tried to take pictures and not fall off! I guess America is good for a few things… like GUARDRAILS!

Next we were off to the colonies to drive up and down the streets and look for ninos to give our toys to! We round a bend and out of nowhere jumps a little boy and girl selling shells. Both as cute as can be, but this little guy is half time share salesman and half used car salesman! I buy a shell for 5 pesos to try and shut him up and hand them each a bottle of bubbles. He sees the box of bubbles on the floor of the golf cart and helps himself to a couple more. Then he sees all the pretty pastel paper, DVD’s, etc. that we have for Maggie. He climbs IN the golf cart and starts pulling the stuff out as fast as I can yank it out of his little hands and put it back! Of course, he doesn’t speak English and we don’t speak Spanish so we were having a hard time trying to explain that he couldn’t have that stuff. My buddy finally started yelling “Vamenos Nino!” and starts to drive off!

Well, he was the exception to the rule. Most of the others we had to almost beg to get to take the stuff and we always tried to ask the parents if it was OK first. The big smiles and “Gracias” were just PRICELESS! I never thought a cheap bottle of bubbles or plastic flute could bring such joy. It really makes you count your blessings and want to do so much more for these children and their families.

Now’s probably a good time for an editorial comment: I’ve been fortunate to travel to a lot of islands in the Caribbean and always like to try and get away from the real touristy areas and see what the islands are really like. I like to find local restaurants and sample local cuisine (EXCEPT fish with the head still on! LOL) Most of the islands are the same… they all have some nice areas for the tourists and way too many poor, run down areas, where unfortunately most of the locals live. On every island there are always areas that I just don’t feel safe venturing into and I’ve never felt safe going into a neighborhood area at night. But on Isla, it was different. We never had that feeling of “we better get out of here” or “we better not go down that street”. And I never thought I’d sit on a dark corner in some Mexican neighborhood at night eating tacos with the locals like we did at the baseball field! It’s truly a magical place with very warm and friendly people!

OK, now it was time for lunch. As dumb luck would have it we just happened upon Lomita’s Lonchero. Oh my, don’t miss this place!! DELICIOUS! I had the bean soup and it was incredible. Beans and rice in this delicious broth with shredded carrot, onions, cilantro and topped with big chunks of avocado and a delicious cheese. Then I had the house special fish. A nice fillet that’s cooked in foil along with seasonings and veggies. Probably THE best fish I have ever had!! My buddy had her lime soup and some chicken dish. We had a couple of Sol’s, bottle of water, 2 soups and the 2 entrees. The total WITH a very gracious tip was only around $250MP!!!

Next it was off to see Maggie and try to find La Gloria School. We had a couple of false starts, mainly cause we could never find an orange building with a sign confirming it was Las Brisas. We had great directions that Douglas had included with the DVD’s, but it all hinged on counting streets from Las Brisas and I swear that place doesn’t have a sign on it! We eventually backed in from the other end, counting up 4 streets to the left and found it. We left our goodies with Maggie and got a nice tour of the school, including the wonderful panoramic views from the rooftop!

By now it was almost time to return the golf cart and head back to Posada to regroup for the evening. A quick shower, hot this time, and we were off to Jax for one and our first glimpse at a sunset. Don’t know what it was but everyday was sunny and beautiful and then every evening as the sun would start it’s decent it would cloud up. I don’t know where ya’ll took all those beautiful sunset pictures I see posted, but I’m beginning to think it’s not Isla!

Next our nightly visit to check in with Romey. Then we headed for the Zokolo. It was Friday night and the place was jumping. We bought a 6 pack of Sol at the Supermarket and made ourselves at home on one of the benches. I had a pocket full of mini key chain flashlights and handed them out to the ninos as they came by. More big smiles and more big gracias!

Time to feed King Kong!! One of the shop owners called me that one night walking down Hildago! We stopped for a round with our new favorite amigo Miquel, then went to Bistro Francis for dinner. Got to meet PT… and yes, he does bite! We had a couple of Sol and a couple bottles of water. Then ordered a pitcher of Sangria! For dinner I had the surf & turf… a huge lobster tail and a small, but tasty fillet mignon. My buddy had the T Bone steak. The total was $435MP! For steak and lobster, beers and a pitcher of wine? I love this place!!

Since we had made the switch to Sangria we HAD to go back and have one more at Miguel’s! Carlos was there and we said adios to him as he was leaving the next day. Bought a couple of T Shirts as we headed for home… Oh, except for one more BIMBO DOG! I can see this will become a nightly ritual!

Another cigar on the balcony and the end to a truly wonderful and magically day in Isla!

Day 4 Saturday, 1/28

Island time has officially kicked in as we woke up with no “plan” whatsoever for today! I did have a nice hot shower and then headed to the cambino to exchange money.

We quickly learned that standing in line at the bank was not worth the extra couple of pesos… use the cambinos.

Money note: I remember reading posts/warnings about TORN bills, but of course totally forgot to check them whenever I exchanged money. Friday night when I went to the Supermarket on the square to buy the cervezas. I handed the cashier a $200 peso bill. It had a small tear in one corner. Talk about feeling like Al Capone! The cashier inspected it, held it up to the light, and then reaches down and hits a button setting off a LOUD buzzer! Now everyone in the line is looking at the large gringo holding up the line, and it wasn’t a look that was saying they wanted to invite me over for lunch or buy me a cerveza! Finally someone from the office comes over and inspects the bill, gives me the head to toe glare, and nods for the cashier to accept it. So check your bills!

Today we decided to be adventurous and have breakfast at one of the 4 little loncherias up on Guerrero, next to the Tel Com building. Talk about home cooking! You sit there and wait while a couple generations of Mexican women prepare your meal in what is basically a home kitchen. It was very good and VERY reasonable!

My amigo decided it was a good day to lie by the Posada pool and listen to a book he had on his IPOD. I was feeling a bit more adventurous and decided to margarita hop the beach bars! Started with one at Sunset Grill. Tasty and $35MP, not bad. I walked North Beach down to Na Balm and back. It was a good “ta-ta” day and with 3 days still to go I gave out my “best of show” award!

Came back and had a margarita at Sergio’s. I think it was $35MP as well. Then I stopped at Caribbean Queen and got real comfy under the Corona tent as Jose hooked me up with a 26 oz. Margarita. Met the “Pepito Lady”… how sweet is she. I made her day by giving her a 20-peso bill for my 10 pesos worth of nuts and saying no change. They were awesome. She mixes in some nice chili powder for a little added kick and squeezes limejuice on them.

It was time for lunch! Got my buddy and we headed for Picus and Shrimp Cerviche! Gotta love a restaurant that has sand for a floor! We both ordered the medium shrimp cerviche. It was fantastic! LOADED with shrimp, plus chips and salsa all for $70MP.

Margaritas + Cervezas + A Belly Full Of Shrimp = SIESTA TIME!

Tonight it’s time for the much-anticipated trip to Tacos Campos! First we stop and see Romey and try his sangria… not bad! Of course, Miquel probably taught him how to make it!

Next we flag down a taxi and ask how much to Tacos Campos… $50MP. I know we’re getting ripped off but who’s going to argue over a $5 taxi ride halfway down the island? (The ride back was only $20MP!)

I must say with all the hype about Baseball Tacos I had myself all prepared to be disappointed! NOTHING could live up to this! We get there right at 7PM and ask the grill guy where we can buy cervezas. He points down the street and we ask him he he’d like some. He smiles and nods yes.

So we come back with 12 cans of Sol. We each pop one and we hand one to him. He them takes the rest and offers to put them in their cooler for us. I think we have this figured out… toys for the ninos, cervezas for the cooks!

We both started with 2 pork tacos with cheese. We came back from the fixings bar with a plate full of food… rice, beans and two fully loaded tacos.
Note: When the boss man points to the sauces and says THIS one, not THAT one… listen to him! “THAT” one is REALLY HOT!!

They were awesome! We’ve gone to Taco Heaven.

Two more tacos, beef this time, and another load of beans, rice and toppings! OK, now the two old fat guys can’t even get up! We are stuffed and the total bill is a whopping $69MP! $3.50 each and I’m so full I can barely stand!

What a great place. Real, authentic Mexican food, served on a corner in a little neighborhood… just sit back, take it all in and enjoy!

We head back to town and sit on the square finishing our cervezas and passing out more toys to the ninos. Then back to Miguel’s. It was Saturday night championship boxing live in Cancun. Miquel had it on every TV and cranked up on the stereo! The place was packed with locals and we joined right in… making sure we were rooting for the right guy in each fight! It was pretty exciting and made for a fun evening! The right guys even won!

Day 5 Sunday, 1/29

I’m NOT trying to write the longest trip report ever… really I’m not! If any of you are still reading this by now you must be thing “way too much information”.

So I’ll give you the abbreviated version of our Sunday:

Breakfast – Miramar
Beach/Cervezas – Caribbean Queen
Rib Man
Town Square

I do HAVE to add a couple of things:

Breakfast at Miramar was excellent and reasonable.

The Rib Man is a treat that can’t be missed. The way he cuts them makes them a real pain to eat, but they are tasty and cheap! Do what I did and get two orders!

The town square on Sunday night is a must. We ate off the food carts and sat drinking cervezas and handing out toys to all the kids, parents and even grandparents. Met Maggie and her husband Tom there, and they joined us to help with “crowd control”. It was nice having Maggie to interpret! When the church service let out we got slammed. Wish I could of taken a picture, but we all way too busy trying to assemble the necklaces, bracelets and glider planes!

Day 6 Monday 1/30

Monday we decided to go back to Bucaneros again for Breakfast. I was craving pancakes and bacon, and I thought I remembered somebody raving about their bacon. It was really good and so were the pancakes. And I KNEW if I went back there again that pretty senorita would ask me to marry her! Oh well, wrong again! But even old fat guys can have fantasies, right?

Today was ZAMA Beach Club Day! We had read good reviews about this place and it sounded like a great place to spend the day. It’s open from 11AM – 6PM and everything is free as long as you buy something. The cab there was $40MP, and we tipped $10MP. The cab driver said what time do you want me to pick you up and we said 3PM sounds good!

What a beautiful place… white sandy beach, two swimming pools, whirlpools, decks, etc… all the comforts of home. Well, not my home, but homes of the rich and famous!

Only complaint… NO SOL! (That’s also a complaint we have with Jax… NO SOL!) All right, we’ll slum today and drink Coronas! A bucket of 5 was $120MP. A little expensive, but $2.40 a Corona at a place like this… no problem!

We made ourselves comfy by one of the pools and had a GREAT day…

In the pool, out of the pool… another bucket please… in the whirlpool, out of the whirlpool…more Corona please… time for a snack… nachos, chips, salsa, guacamole… lay on the beach for awhile… can we get another bucket of Corona por favor… … lunch time… chicken sandwich and a fish sandwich please… oh, and can we get just ONE more bucket of cervezas…

Next thing we know its 3PM and our cab driver is tapping us on the shoulder asking us if we’re ready to go.

Do we look like we’re ready to go?? Come back in an hour, and on your way out could you tell them to bring us another bucket of beer!!!!!!!

What a day! And to top it off we met Sergio’s wife there and fed guacamole to an iguana. They love the stuff! And supposedly are crazy about bananas, but we didn’t have any of those.

Drum roll… time for the bill… 5 buckets of Coronas, 25 cervezas… chips, salsa and guacamole… two sandwiches… and a very relaxing, wonderful day… $950MP! The BEST $50 I ever spent!! Well, there was that $50 in Tijuana once… but that’s a whole other trip report!

Our cab driver returned promptly at 4PM to pick up the two drunk old fat guys and whisk us back to the Posada… $40MP and a $60MP tip this time!

OK, all together now… SIESTA TIME!!


That night we went to Miguel’s for dinner. All these nights we had been drinking there and going other places to eat. We told him to “hook us up” with something special! He brings out this huge tray of food with grilled fish (fresh grouper!) shrimp and all the trimmings! It was excellent! And only $300MP!

THIS was another GREAT Day!

Day 7 Tuesday 1/31

Our last full day on Isla.

We hadn’t done the tamale lady down by the ferry dock yet, so why not make that breakfast.

There’s cart in the street right in front of the dock, but that’s not her. She’s further away where the boats are docked under an umbrella by a tree. We walked up and said “tamale lady” and she smiled and nodded. We both ordered two and they were delicious. I think they were only 10 pesos each so we gave her a $50 peso bill and she was happy as can be.

After that we just relaxed by the pool for a little bit and then did some preliminary packing.

By lunchtime we both decided we were in the mood for some good ole American food… cheeseburgers and fries! We went to Jax. It was OK. But one probably shouldn’t expect great hamburgers in Mexico, right?

One last bar hop up and down the beach. Margaritas for me and Pina Coladas for my buddy. Sunset Grill to start. Then we stopped at the next bar down the beach and I swear the margarita was ALL tequila! On to Na Balm, then back down to Sergio’s, and finally to see our buddy Jose at Caribbean Queen.

No siesta today, have to make it an early night. A quick shower and then a couple of goodbye Sol’s with Romey.

Then we had our last 6 pack on the square and headed for Miguel’s. For some reason we were both craving chicken enchiladas. They weren’t listed on Miguel’s menu so we asked him where we could get some good ones. He said, “no problem, amigos, sit down, I will take care of you”. So we did. He brings out a couple of plates with 3 delicious chicken enchiladas on each. Plus we each had 2 Sol’s. Total $150MP!

We said our goodbyes and promised to come back. Time to head for the Posada and finish packing. Oh, just one more thing we had to do before leaving…. BIMBO DOGS!

Day 8 Wednesday 2/1

Time to go home! This has gone on long enough so I’ll just say we had no problems… Mexico let out us and the USA let us back in!

One special sighting at the Cancun Airport… we got to meet Evander Holyfield. I guess he was in for the fights Saturday night and was on our flight to Atlanta.

Well, that’s it. Please excuse any typos and misspellings, especially of ANYTHING in Spanish! And thanks to all on the boards that helped us enjoy one of the best vacations of our lives! I’ve already booked a return trip for October, so I’ll be back! My amigo is in love so I might be flying solo this time. The next trip report may end up being “The One Old Fat Guys Great Mexican Adventure Part II”…. Stay tuned!

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