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Isla Mujeres 2006 Trip Report - Day 12

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 5/3/2006

Isla Mujeres 2006

Day 12 – March 4

“Finally Back To The Beach!”

Why mess with tradition….I’m up at my usual time of 5:50 to see the start of another great day…

There are a few clouds on the horizon but it’s warm and humid this morning…25C and 71% humidity…

Hmmmm, it’s been a few days since we’ve used our moped…wonder if that idea might get Vince out of bed at this early hour. Sure enough, when I mention a ride on Pepe, he bounces out of bed and into shorts. We tiptoe past the Roca Mar office but Ino sees us….”Where are you going?” “Oh, just an early morning ride.” Ino shakes his head…”I’m going to tell Mama”. Oops, we kind of forgot about Mama….oh well, we’ll probably be back before she’s even up! Vince pushes the moped out to the street to start it so we don’t wake up too many people. Off we go down the east side, enjoying the breeze and early morning solitude. We stop in at the beach where Norma’s stand is and take a walk, searching for shells. There are tons of them here….

Seeing the sun rise higher, we hop back on the moped and continue down the east side and up the west side. We find Mama none the wiser and off we go for our usual brekkies at M & J’s. Vince has an Omelet Holbox and chaya; Mama had yogurt with granola and fresh fruit and OJ, and I had my usual…Toast, ‘mashbrowns’ and OJ. We tell Pedro about our nice visit with Norma and the children yesterday and I promise to bring lots of beads with me next year.

Now, what shall we do today? For me, the answer is easy…BEACH!!! We haven’t been to the beach in 3 days and I am having serious withdrawal. Mama would prefer to stay at the Roca Mar pool, but I veto that idea. This is an island with a gorgeous beach and amazing water…We’re going to the beach!!! By 10am Mama and I are on our way to Playa Norte near Buho’s, while Vince arrives a little later on the moped. We find 2 chairs and an umbrella and get comfy. Mama is not the sunworshipper that I am but after sitting in the shade and staring at the water for a while, she says that she is happy to be at the beach. Whew!

The day passes with swims to cool off and visiting with the many fun friends that stopped by to chat. A wonderfully relaxing day…just what we needed! By 3 we leave the beach as Mama has some last minute shopping to do. First item is a larger carryon bag to make room for all her purchases. We stop in at the market and find a very nice one at a great price. Next stop is the talavera shop on the corner near the Supermercado. I highly recommend this store…we have been buying from him since 2003 and the owner is very nice. I always buy a few of the ‘Hernandez’ dishes each year, and now Mama is collecting them too. These are just some of my collection….

Seeing that it is near sunset, Vince dashes back to the room with our goodies while we make our way to Sergio’s Playa Sol. There’s a wedding there tonight and we’re hoping to see some of it. Well, blink your eyes and that wedding was over…I don’t think it lasted 5 minutes from start to finish! Beautiful dress and setting though….

We enjoy the sunset….not as spectacular as last night, but still ahhhhh….

The gang is gathered and happy hour is in full swing!

There’s something about seeing both the sunrise and the sunset each day….they are like bookends to the day…

Brushing off the sand, we find our way back to our room for showers and a clean up. Mama shops while we make our way to Angelo’s. Our waiter Russell, shows us the evening specials on the blackboard…it all looks yummy! Mama orders grilled jumbo shrimp and veggies; Vince has a rib eye ‘cowboy’ steak, while I go for one of my favourites, Ortolanta, which is fettuccini with asparagus and mushrooms in an alfredo sauce. It is all delicious, and in Mama’s case, finger-lickin’ good!

While we’re enjoying our dinner, we are treated to a wonderful dance show. These youngsters were just wonderful and seeing them put huge smiles on our faces….

These two were so cute together….

And this little girl really stole my heart…I thought she was the prettiest girl I had seen…

She was so serious about her dancing and did all the moves perfectly….

Her face lit up as she smiled….how lucky we were to see them perform!

We are all stuffed from dinner but Mama is anxious to go back to Color de Verona for their crepes. Off we go, arriving about 10:45….’lo siento, the kitchen is closed’. Oh no! Mama is very disappointed, but I jokingly tell her that she’ll just have to come back again sometime. We have an early morning again tomorrow so we meander our way back home. I make sure there’s a Sol in the fridge and I put Vince’s bottle cooshie in the freezer….Wanda Welcome preparations!!!!

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