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Joe & Debs Isla vacation finally! day 4 the extra day?

By: sheepdog3 (View Profile)
Date: 1/29/2011

I woke up early this morning to see the last Isla sunrise. I got cleaned up while my coffee was brewing. I went downstairs to the gazebo to wait for the show. Then I see Deb coming towards me. This is strange to me, because she is not the early riser that I am. Deb tells me she wanted to see the sunrise, and share this moment with me. She is the sweetest wife anyone could have, and I dont deserve her! We watch the sunrise together, then go back upstairs to get our already packed bags. Downstairs to check-out, and head into town for our last breakfast. We went to Alexias and Geovanis. We were the first people there. Deb got french toast with bananas (yuck!) and I got pancakes with eggs,bacon, and toast. We then went to El Sol to return our golf cart. They were there with my license ready to go. The guy even hopped on the golf cart with us and dropped us off at the ferry, then took the cart back with him. This was hassle free, and the way to get to the ferry with your bags!

Now you have the choice to sit at the ferry dock on Isla, or sit at Gran Puerto to wait for Best Day to take you to the airport. Our pick-up time was 10:05, and it was 9:00, so we decided to take the ferry over and wait on the other side for our transfer. Best Day came right on time and off we went to the airport. We got there at about 10:30, and went right to the Delta counter. We get up to the woman there, give her our names, and she tells us that we are not flying home today, but we are flying home tomorrow. I quickly get out my travel voucher to show her our itinerary, and she tells me that there is a ice/snowstorm in Atlanta, where we were connecting to fly back to Baltimore. She tells us that we cant fly into Atlanta, so they are putting us on a direct flight to Washinton Dullas airport in Virginia. I tell her I have to be at work in the morning, and why would we want to fly to Virginia, when our car is parked at the airport in Baltimore! She says we can take a taxi to Baltimore. Well I could probably take a helicopter to Baltimore to, but I aint doin that either!

I remembered though shopping for this vacation that Air-Tran had a direct flight leaving today at 2:20 this afternoon, so I call them and they tell me to go over to terminal 2, and come to the counter to purchase the tickets. We get on the free shuttle from terminal 3 to terminal 2. I get in the Air-Tran line, and wait to buy tickets in back of all the people who already have tickets for the flight. I finally get to the counter to buy 2 tickets, but the girl tells me they can only sell me 1, and I have to call Air-Tran to buy the other one. I go over to the phones and of course,I cant get them to work, but a lady we were talking to on the shuttle over, hands me her phone card, and I get through. The lady at Air-Tran tells me that the flight is sold out. Great, back in line with the other passengers (with tickets) wait again to get to the counter, and talk to the same girl that sold me the 1 ticket. I tell her that the flight is sold out, but my wife wanted to go home with me, and this is more than a slight inconvenience. She gets another person over to us, who tells us that the manager is in a meeting for a half hour yet, but says he will make sure we get the credit for the already purchased ticket. At this point I just take his word for it and walk away.

I am told that the bar has free Wifi if you buy something, so I go in and try to book a room for the night. They were giving coupons away at the airport for the Marriott Courtyard, just 5 minutes from the airport for $99.00 plus 14% tax, but no food. I figure if we are going to be in Cancun for another day we might as well try to get a hotel on the beach all-inclusive. I get in the bar,order a Pacifico for 60 pesos,(what a bargain) they give me the code,but it doesnt work. There is a sweedish kid sitting next to me at the bar on facebook, so I ask him to help me get on-line. This laptop is new, and as you already know(IM A DUMB ASS). He tells me for some reason my laptop says disabled. Great, back outside where Deb is waiting patiently with the bags.

I see a bunch of Best Day people standing around just down from us. I go up to them, explain my situation, and they take me right inside to their counter to get fixed up. They book us into the Hotetur Beach Paradise, all-inclusive for $166.00. Deb and I have stayed there twice before, so this was familiar to us. We got to the hotel around 2:00. Luckily, we had good weather. They gave us a suite (lagoon view). We stayed in a suite last time, but oceanview. We jumped the waves, which we always love to do. The next day we walked the beach, down to Club-Med, where the water is very calm. We had the morning,as our flight was not until 3:55pm. We flew into Washington Dullas, in a snowstorm,our 1st. Robbie, our son who was on a duck hunting trip in Cambridge Maryland,drove 3 hours home, then 2:10 minutes to Dullas. Getting lost on the way of course.

We drove in snow an hour and a half from Washington to Baltimore. Another hour and a half back to York,Pa ,getting home at 12:35am, and I had to get up for work at 4:30. One thing we did learn about Cancun is that we have out grown it. What I mean by that is that it is much nicer on Isla Mujeres, with way better food, the water even more beautiful, way more tropical, as they have palm trees on the beach, and many more options of things to do and restaurants to eat in. You cannot get food in the Hotelzone like you can on Isla Mujeres. I will end this report by simply saying, we have become Isla-holics. Thank you everyone on the Isla Mujeres board for all your answers to our questions. All your posts of things to do, and all of the trip reports that really got us excited about trying Isla for more than just a day trip from Cancun. We cant wait to get back on Isla in early June, and look forward to hopefully meeting more board members, and making new friends.

Thanks again to everyone!

Joe & Deb

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