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Scavenger Hunt Isla Style

By: MommaDe (View Profile)
Date: 7/9/2008

Scavenger Hunt - Isla Style

This is a combination of two lists that Kip(p) had on a while back. Some of these things may no longer be applicable. I may have added one or two of my own. ļ

Let the games begin!

Depending on the size of your party break into group or do as a whole.

Your objective is to find as many of the following items as possible. A digital picture, or the object as deemed appropriate, is proof of your find. Please do not disturb the environment as you go through your hunt unless it is to pick up litter. You set the time limit. Some of this stuff is tough!

Ready, set, go!

1 fresh tortilla from the north end tortilla factory
1 piece of sea glass
Pic of the shell house
Pic of the grass roof house
Pic of the stone house on Avalon Bay
Pic of Mundaca¡¦s tombstone
Beer cap (if under age) OR empty bottle of Bohemia beer (drink it if you must)
Pic of a nurse shark
1 sea shell (replaced to where you found it after the contest)
Superior beer label (see above for drinking options)
Pic of another board member (have their name ¡§name¡¨ for identification)
Entry stub from the Turtle Farm
Pic of a turtle road sign
Pic of an iguana (bonus if it is missing part of his tail from an ¡§iguana conflict)
Pic of the small Catholic chapel in the Colonias
Bottle cap (any flavor) cannot double! (see above)
One sheet menu from El Pueblito (hopefully they still give them away with a purchase)
Pic of a frigate (What¡¦s a frigate? Ask someone)
Ferry receipt
Pic of a pelican
Small bit of seaweed from the beach
1 plastic walking iguana on a stick (look downtown)
Pic of the new Isla sign south of the airport
Pic of the cave at Mundaca Park (this is tough but doable)
Pic of the ¡§please stay away from the cliff signs¡¨ on the east coast road
1 Coconut shell
1 bracelet from one of the vendors on the beach
Broken brick piece of the east side Malecon (from the ground only!)
1 dried (brown) palm frond (from the ground please!)
Pic of you and any animal from the ¡§zoo¡¨ in the background
1 bird feather, again, from the ground!
Pic of a plane landing or taking off from the airport
1 big old fat guy (I¡¦m only the messenger, not the writer!)
1 plastic, empty bottle found during your hunt, make it two, (doing our best for litter) and thrown away appropriately later
Pic of the menu at A&G¡¦s
An aerial photo of the island on a postcard
A hunk of lint from an Isla dryer
Donna¡¦s autograph from ¡§Aqua Adventures¡¨
Pic of Miguel (hint ¡V you¡¦ll find him in a restaurant downtown)
A receipt from the Navy Store
Pic from one of the sculptures from Punta Sur
Pic of the ¡§King¡¦s Pool¡¨ at Avalon Hotel
Pic of a jet ski anywhere on Isla
Business card from Nautibeach condos
A torn off piece of one of Laura¡¦s maps (just a small piece ¡¥cause they are wonderful maps)
1 page from one of Kip¡¦s Local Knowledge Travel Guide books (buy the book, it¡¦s wonderful too and full of info)
Pic of Captain Tony
Pic of someone drinking from a coconut shell at Villa La Bella Hotel
Pic of someone playing checkers with bottle caps
Pic of homemade furniture at La Pena/BambooToo
Pic of paper mache sample OUTSIDE from the paper mache shop (not inside, he will not be happy)
Pic of someone cooking ¡§tix ¡¥n xic
Pic of kids playing basketball, baseball, or soccer
Pic of either the red, yellow or green ¡§current caution¡¨ flags
Pic of the Isla ¡§weather station¡¨ (the coconut board) near the NW point
Pic of the Contoy Express
Pic of fishing nets drying
Pic of the ¡§Bimbo Dog¡¨ stand
Pic of Chris (the owner of
Pic of you with fins, mask and snorkel
Pic from the top of the lighthouse on Punta Sur
Pic of someone selling sliced mangos with hot pepper in a bag
Pic of La Gloria School
Pic of the turtle statue

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