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December Trip/ Day 1

By: mik (View Profile)
Date: 1/4/2007

The alarm went off at 3:30am on Christmas morning and off we went for a 6:00am flight. After obsessing over every Isla site since June, It's finally here! My son opted to skip sleeping and conk out on the plane. It was a slick trip. We landed on the Isla ferry dock and slipped into a mode of living that felt as natural as our skin. WET skin! The rain didn't keep my daughter and I from jumping into the water immediately while my husband and son munched on fish fingers at the Sunset Grill. We sang Christmas carols in the waves until I was lured out by my husband waving my first Sol at me from shore. It was like the proverbial carrot in front of the donkey from then on! I saw Maria selling her pepitos and ran out of the restaurant calling her name. My family was pretty sure that I really needed a vacation at that point. The pepitos are so good and what a delight Maria is. My son is not much on traveling (we don't know where he got that freakish gene) so we took a Nautibeach condo for the week for him to have a more comfortable hang out time. He had to read CRIME AND PUNISHMENT for school - not the best beach read but the atmosphere couldn't have been better for him, homebody or not. My 10 year old daughter was charmed by the condo cats who did their ever best to dart inside our first floor room for further scratching. They were carried out many times - Geez, they are fast little critters! We found the market for supplies and hoofed it back not seeming to mind the drizzle and heavy load. Loved making omelets with veggies and that yummy white cheese we found there. Bought many of the Lux Perpetua candles at the market and enjoyed their glow every night before falling exhausted into those lovely smelling sheets. The rest of the week to follow with pictures. Need my techie husband to teach me how to add them in! Adios for now!!!

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