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Isla Newbies - Isla in May - Day Five

By: LeslieC
Date: 5/17/2005

Isla Contoy Trip,
Today we went to Isla Contoy. A guide meets us at our hotel and leads us to a small boat in the lagoon. We leave on the boat with another couple and proceed to pick up more couples at hotels along the way. Going through the lagoon we pass some beautiful yachts, the Princess K was the most impressive being at least 150 feet long. We end up at the pier in downtown and board the Contoy Express. Once everyone has gotten their snorkel gear we head out. The trip over is very enjoyable, we even have a fellow passenger playing his guitar and singing Jimmy Buffet songs! We stop at the reef & snorkel for about 45 minutes. The swim from the boat to the reef is long, about a 1/4 mile and some people decide not to join in. The guide swims with us and we follow him. He points out some cool stuff like a couple of lobsters in the rocks, a big grouper and a sting ray. The coral is very beautiful, large and colorful. There are fewer fish, but enough to enjoy. We get back into the boat and go over to the Island. Again we follow our guide as he walks us over to the information center and then over to the lagoon to see some birds. The birds are very large, just sitting in the trees and we see some fish in the lagoon. After the tour we head off to go snorkeling. The snorkeling wasn't that good, hardly any fish! What we did see were a couple of large angel fish, a few barracuda (a very large one, at least five feet long and kinda scary looking!), a sting ray, a couple of very large cushion star fish and a few regular reef fish, very disappointing, we like to see alot of fish when we snorkel. One of the highlights of the trip was the friendly sting ray. The ray let us pet it and feed it fish. He seemed to enjoy being around us as much as we did him.
On the trip back the ride was alittle more rough. The spray from the boat kept getting me wet, but I had a towel and the boat crew were passing around shooters, so it was ok!
All & all we had an enjoyable day, the boat was fine and the crew did everything to see to our needs, but we probably wouldn't take that trip again.

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