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Carlo & Stacey's 1st Isla trip - Day 4 - Part 1

By: islaorbust! (View Profile)
Date: 5/19/2006

Day 3 – 4/17 Golf cart day!! Our last full day!

Yet again, we awake to another beautiful sunrise…this time watching it from the comfort of our bed. The round window in our room perfectly frames the sunrise over the rocky beach ledge and the sparkling turquoise water. We decide to be a bit lazy and lounge and read a while before heading out for the day.

Breakfast is not served at VLB on Mondays, so we pack our bag with all our supplies for the day, and head downtown to grab a bite. We want to try Mananas, but it is not open. So we check out lots of great looking places, but decide on Café Cito. We are coffee snobs (after living in Italy, I definitely acquired a taste for a good cappuccino) and Café Cito serves us a pretty good version. I order the crepes with ham and cheese, and Carlo has the fruit salad and croissants. We’re satisfied with our meals, but they certainly are not as memorable as others we’ve had on Isla.

After breakfast, we wander through town a bit and head to Prismos to rent our golf cart (we had a coupon). They are just opening as we arrive. We want a cart for 24 hours, and are first told that they don’t have any for 24 hour rentals. We decide to try elsewhere, when suddenly a 24 hour rental cart is available. We fill out the paperwork, get our 30 second explanation of how the cart functions, and we are off.

We decide to follow Mapchick’s suggested route, so we turn around and start heading south on Medina. This is so much fun!! It reminds me a little bit of when Carlo and I lived in Rome, and set off on our Vespa to explore the Roman ruins. We love these types of adventures!!

But we soon have an inkling as to why the gentleman at Prismos didn’t want to rent us this cart….it only goes about 10MPH. All the other golf carts are whizzing past us! Oh well, we’ll stick with it….who’s in a hurry anyway??

We get so involved in the view we don’t see a HUGE tope. What a laugh! Lots of locals are laughing with us (or at us – who knows – who cares!)

We fall more in love with Isla by the moment. We are more determined than ever that we will return – and soon!

We see Casa de Morgan and the Shell House. Beautiful! As are all the properties in that area. It seems that during our tour we have lots of discussions that start like this…”When we win the lottery…”

We are again so distracted by the view, that we pass the entrance for the Punta Sur area...but we soon see Garrafon, and decide we’ll try to go back to Punta Sur later (unfortunaltey, we never made it back!). WOW! That’s all I can think! It’s so beautiful! My heart starts to break as I remember that by this time tomorrow we will be on the ferry heading back to reality.

We soak up the scenery for a while, and then continue our way north. We see where Casa O’s is, and make a mental note for the evening…it is our last night and we want to do something special.

We decide to go down to Playa Indios – what a mistake!! We didn’t realize that hill was so steep! But once we started, there was no turning back! For the first time, our golf cart was going over 10 MPH – more like 40 straight down that bumpy hill!! The whole way, I am thinking, ‘OMG! OMG! Not a good idea! OMG!!!!’ But thankfully, our guardian angel was looking out for us, and we made it down the hill safely.

We explore for a while, take some pics, and greet the cute dogs who must live there. It’s really gorgeous, but we aren’t ready to plop on the beach…we really want to continue our tour of the island, and see the turtle farm first.

We move on to Playa Lancheros, too bad it’s too early for lunch…we really wanted to try their Tik n Xic.

We continue to Sac-Bajo – oohing and ahhing the whole way. We stop in at the turtle farm. Aren’t they cute?! Definitely a stop we’ll have to make with the kids one day. We head to the outside tanks and chat a bit with a man who is there with his two small children. Suddenly, his daughter drops her sun hat into the tank. One of the turtles immediately starts chomping on it!! One of the guys working at the farm came over to retrieve the hat, but the turtle put up a fight! Feisty fellow! He was actually holding onto the hat with his front flippers!! Too funny! The hat is finally recovered, and shows just how strong those turtle beaks are!!

We leave the turtle farm, to finish our tour of Sac Bajo. Zama looks like a great place to spend the day!! We decide to finish our lap around the island, and return to Zama a little later for lunch and lounging.

We leave Sac Bajo to finish our ring around the island. Going through the colonias, we spot LoLo Lorena’s place. SCCRREEECCHHH! It’s a sign! We had wanted to make reservations with her upon arrival, but instead got into our Isla groove, and just went with the flow. But now, here we were right in front of her place. So we called, and YES! She’s available tonight to cook for us! She asks us a few questions to help her choose a menu, and we agree on a time to return. Perfect! From Carlo’s conversation with her, we already know that this meal is going to be memorable.

With dinner plans made, we continue on. We go in search of El Veradero – we loved it so much, we must have a pic to take home. We’re zipping along when, WHOA!!! Men with machetes!! A scary split second until we realized that they were just cutting back the vegetation! PHEWW!

We snap a few pics of El Veradero, and decide to check out Villa Vera since my parents have offered us a time share trade to stay there in the future. Not sure it’s in the optimum location for us (especially with the kids along), but very nice property. Beautiful pool, and perfectly manicured grounds. The units looked very nice as well.

Our golf cart has been giving us a bit of trouble…now not only is it only putting along at about 10 MPH, but it’s acting like it could stall at any minute. (Maybe we hit one too many topes at full speed??) So, now that our tour of the island is about complete, we decide to see if Prismos will trade our cart. Sure enough, they gladly exchanged it – no questions asked.

So, in our new, speedy golf cart, we head back to Zama for lunch. It’s even more beautiful now that we’ve fully entered the grounds. We sit under the palapa and order a decadent lunch! I order the lobster quesadillas – YUMMY! Carlo has the garlic octopus, which is incredible! I usually do not eat octopus, but as I have discovered on this trip, all seafood on Isla is worth trying. I loved it!! It was tender and tasty! We also ordered entrees, but they were far less interesting than our appetizers. Lesson learned- save money, and only order appetizers for lunch at Zama! Now it’s beach time.

We find a shady spot, and spend our time between the pool and lounging in the sun. This is one of the most picture perfect places! Hmm, well, at least it is until that party boat from Cancun arrives. Oh well. Another lesson learned – get here early! We still enjoy our time on the beach. It’s another hot day, so after a few short hours, we are ready to seek some shade, and that delightful Caribbean breeze.

We putter back to VLB for our daily routine of sipping pina coladas in the shady pool, and reading.

Day 4 to be continued…..

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