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Here Goes Nothing...Pirates del Caribe Mexicano! April 14-15th, 2008

By: sandybunz (View Profile)
Date: 8/14/2011

Today is a slow entry day but I know we decided to go up and hang out on our favorite stretch of sand, Playa Norte.
We had lunch at one of our favorite loncherias Alexy y Giovannis for pork tacos and it escapes me what I ate although it was probably enchilada suizas or juevos moltolenos. Dinner was some premarinated chicken wings we bought in the Super that tasted oddly like baloney but were even more weirdly addicting.

April 16th - We walked down around Punta Sur and back around to Pirate Mundacas ancient ruins of an estate. We paid $40 pesos to get in. He was a pirate of a slave trader back in the day, and obviously rich. Interesting story of how he built this beautiful estate with lovely gardens, some of which are still apparent, and his dark skinned love interest, young Laguenia or Triguena, I can never figure out which was not interested back, as she was in love with an island boy. Legend has it that he died of a broken heart.
His grave marker in the local cemetary states, and I love this, "As I was, so are you, as I am you will be too." Anyway the place is kind of a sad little zoo but the monkeys were really funny. One walked around on its hind legs like a human...he reminded us of our son when he is acting goofy! Another hung upside down with his arms just hanging down past his head looking at the world from a different perspective. It was downright silly! There were some funny signs in spanglish and I thought of our daughter as it seems we are always on the lookout for funny things that are lost in translation.
We took the moped into town and ate at La Lomita, another loncheria in the Navy neighborhood. I had Sopa de Frijoles (been soup) thats how they spelled it on the menu, thinking it would be a small cup for $35 pesos but it was a big steaming bowl with avocado, onions, tomato and good! I also had chicken yucateco style, and John had the garlic fish fillete again. Was good but not as good as the garlic fish at BallyHoo on the docks. We asked for a beer and the girl said they had Sol. After a short while John noticed her coming in the door a little later with a sack with two big quart bottles of Sol. She had run down to the tienda on the corner to get it! Now that just doesnt happen in the "real" world!
Came back home and relaxed again before going out to return the moped. It is really not recommended to rent a moped for anyone but the really experienced riders since driving conditions here can be kinda sketchy but John did a good job dodging pot holes, dogs, children, taxis, golf carts and the multitude of other mopeds! Even if he did look a little like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber on the little motorbike! hehe!
We moseyed down to the waterfront road to Johns favorite tienda across from the ferry dock to buy, yes, another quart of Sol. It seems to be a favorite noisy hangout for some of the local fishermen. On obviously buzzed older guy came up to me and started kissing my hand and saying something about a beautiful woman then trying to teach me to say whatever it was he was saying in was so funny. This same man gave John his ball cap, which John tried to give back but the man insisted so John ended up wearing it off down the street. He wears that hat to this day!

We sat on the seawall by Chichi Charlies and watched the sun go down and interesting people walking by. Like the two young very dark and scruffy looking backpacker couples with all their gear. We nearly left our shoes on the seawall before I realized we didnt have them about 100 yards down the beach. Ended up at the bar on Hildalgo with the log seats (name escapes me)sitting next to two guys who are sailing on a yacht as first and second mates for a couple who owns it. One was a 28 year old kid named Joe. It was fun talking about his life and how he came to be where he was. We had seen him a couple days earlier on the beach and noticed the tattoo he had on his side of a voluptuous woman holding a telescope up to her eye. He seemed embarrassed about it and wouldnt tell us the story behind it....seemed to be one of those permanent mistakes! Went to the Hotel Bucanero to cash in our free drink tickets we got for staying there in the beginning of our stay. Their margaritas were really good and the mexican pizza was excellent...with great service to boot...arrgghhh! I guess the beer and margaritas had caught up to me because I remembered sitting in the cab in the driveway at Casa Mar Turquesa telling the driver about my kids and their ages in spanish! John says, "come on Sandy, its time to go!!!" Hasta luego!

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