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What A Vacation

By: ScottnAustin
Date: 7/5/2005

We had such a wonderful trip and had such a good time, that I don't know if I could write a detailed trip report.... it would turn out to be a novel. So I'll try to give a brief snapshot of what we did, the good the bad and the ugly... and there was some ugly.

Our trip started on June 25th. There were 13 of us traveling to Isla to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of my partner and I. Four in our group arrived early in the day and the remainder of us arrived within one hour at the Cancun airport. We were the last to arrive and got there at 12:15. Cancun Valet had a van waiting to pick us all up and we arranged for them to have a case of beer iced down and waiting .... Needless to say the van ride to the ferry was quite festive as we were all glad to have arrived and to see each other. Jon and myself (Scott) traveled from Austin with our good friends Melissa and Thomas, Michael, and Heather and Ricky. My sister and brother-in-law, Kristi and Travis, connected with our flight in Dallas. Our friends Andrea and Steve arrived from New York City, and my cousins Richard and Jackie came from Los Angeles. Once on Island we all checked into our rooms (NaBalam, Secreto, and Nautibeach). We agreed to meet at Buho's in half an hour... We spent all of Saturday evening at the bar at Buho's drinking and catching up and watching the sunset. We had a wonderful time.

On Sunday we decided to nurse some hand-arounds and just have a day on the beach. We spent the entire morning on the beach in front of NaBalam... by early afternoon, it started raining, so we had our first beers of the day under the cover of one of the bars. Then we decided to rent the gold carts and did the trip around the island, stopping along the way at Garafon, Playa Lanchero's and several other places. That evening we all met at Freddy's and had a rocking good time. The food was really good, and Freddy was really great.

Monday we scheduled Cancun Valet to take us on a private tour to Chichen Itza. It was another rainy day, so this ended up being a good day to go. The van picked us up at the ferry landing and wisked us away to the ruins. We were there by noon and spent about two hours walking around and taking many photo's. The ruins were simply amazing. Anyone who has not gone needs to go soon. We've read that they will no longer allow people to climb the ruins in the future and we were glad we made the trip when we did. We all climbed to the top and enjoyed the amazing view. After leaving Chichen Itza the driver took us to eat at one of the local restaurants... it was quite good and featured a buffet of several tasty dishes. From there we retured to Cancun the back way wandering our way through some of the Mayan back country. We stopped at one of the Mayan villages and witnessed what life is really like for the Mayan people. It was so hard to believe that there was still a society that lived in these thatched roofed huts. It was simply amazing and we were so glad that we took this route. Along the way, we found a really cool Ceynote (sp) and took about an hour long swim. It was really beautiful.

Upon our return, we all showered and met again at Freddy's for some beers. We then wandered our way down to Fayne's and had dinner and way too many beers and shots of tequilla... next thing I know the music is rocking and we are all up on the bar dancing our butts off. We shut the place down at 2:00 am... What a night!

Tuesday was the day of our ceremony and celebration. Needless to say, we spent the day sleeping late and recovering from Monday night. By Tuesday afternoon, we were well rested and ready to go.

Maria from Media Luna took care of all the arrangements. We had tables set up under the palm trees near Buho's. The tables had white linen clothes with very light lavendar accents... Instead of flowers, we had fishbowls with live fish for the table center piece. Really nice. The tree's were lit with lights, luminaries, and torches. It was quite beautiful. We had a buffet that consisted of shrimp ceviche, empanada's, mini chicken shish kabobs, guacamole, chips, salsa, aranchera asada, and flan... it was wonderful. At seven we had our ceremony on the beach side... Sabina did a wonderful blessing for us and everything turned out wonderful... Our event lasted from 6:30 to 9:30. The margarita's they were serving we're so strong, that by 9:30 we decided we were ready for night two at Fayne's!! Needless to say, we were bar dancing again and shut the place down for the second night in a row!

Wednesday was very low key... we all slept very late and spent the day laying around the beach and napping all day. we went to dinner at 6:30 and were all in bed by 9:30. No drinks on Wednesday night.

Thursday we went to Isla Contoy. The snorkeling along the way was fantastic. we actually saw two nurse sharks while snorkeling, we saw baracuda and stingrays, too. Contoy was just "o.k.".... We enjoyed the day, but we're all in agreement that we would never opt to go to Contoy again. We felt it was over-rated and would rather just do a half day snorkle trip.... That evening we had dinner at Buckanero's

Friday we spent the day shopping and rented some more golf carts and scooters. We decided that we all traveled so well together that we would like to rent a house next time we come, so we went and looked at Casa Mimosa... The house is amazing. We have decided to rent it next summer for about 9 days... it will make the trip much cheaper being able to eat some of the meals at home... not to mention, it would be nice to have some of the conforts of home by renting a house.... So after a day of shopping and looking at this house, we decided we needed to tear it up again at Faynes one more night... Yikes....

Saturday we chilled out and spent the day at the beach... Saturday evening we spent the evening sitting on the rocks in the water infront of Avalon... The water is very beutiful here and you can really see a lot of fish. We only did this once, and realized we were missing out. On our next trip, we will hang out here several evenings. It was really nice. Saturday evening we went out for one last, really nice dinner and had an early evening so we could get up early and start our travel home....

We had a wonderful trip... and way too much fun. We all came home with war wounds: some of us from drinking too much and falling off of bars; some of us from drinking to much and falling down in general; some of us from wrecking our scooters; and some of us don't remember how we got our war wounds... but all of us had a wonderful time. This was my second trip to Isla and my partner and I introduced to eleven newbies... All of which will be returning next year. We've decided to make this an annual tradition. Next June we'll be staying at Casa Mimosa, so I'll do daily trip reports with more detail... Until then, I'll be lurking!

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