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A Newbie Just got back today

By: vronnie (View Profile)
Date: 3/4/2007

Isla is everything that is said on this site and more. The night before we left I was freaking out a little. Our first time to the island, I had read and ordered all the maps I could and researched as much as I could and I posted my feelings on the chatter board and the advice I got at the time didnt make sense. But when we got there, all the pieces came together and what a wonderful trip. I cant say enough about the people, the island, the food. I hope to post a day by day review. I am heading out for a week so it will have till wait till then, hopefully I wont forget too much.

Day 1- We arrived uneventfully into Cancun. Our flight was good. We had Cancun Valet pick us up and we had preordered drinks in the van. Unfortunatly they didnt have them for us. The driver pulled over called dispatch ( I guess) went into the store and rectified the problem immediately.The driver was very good. Then we arrived at the ferry, the view was breath taking and stress just seemed to lift away(just like people say on this board, i didnt think it was possible but it did). The water was beautiful. The ferry ride for me was a little scary (I am not a boat lover and it was very windy, making the water rough). Then we grabbed 3 cabs and paid them 45 pesos each. Off to Chac Chi Suites we went. Our hotel was beautiful and the staff absolutely amazing. Then we headed off to get something to eat. Our first meal was at Miramar because it was the first restaurant and we were dead tired. The 5 of us ate for 690 pesos. The shimp was huge and juicy and the food was good.We had 2 orders of french fries and 2 garlic shrimp dinners and 3 beers and 3 fancy drinks and 1 quesidalla and 1 beef nacho and 1 chicked nacho and a bottle of water. We had no problems with service either. We then headed back to the hotel and crashed for 12 to 13 hours.

That was our first day, I hope to add pictures to my review but I dont know how but I will look into it. I know the photos that were placed on this site were so helpful to me.

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