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Jeff & Stacy Day 1, June 1

By: JLM (View Profile)
Date: 6/11/2005

Our Wedding Engagement Trip: First off I would like to say that anyone traveling to Isla should acquire a map from, as it is invaluable! You will actually feel like you have been there before(if it's your first time) if you study it before your trip. Also, Much Thanks to Catherine Stock at as all the arrangements she made for us (air,hotel,transfer to ferry from airport) were perfect, and everything went exactly as planned! She even e-mailed us when we got home to make sure we and our trip were o.k.-nice touch. Now, Flew out of Houston at 9:15 via Continental and arrived in Cancun at 11:20. Proceeded to customs and could not believe all the knuckleheads who did not either have the correct or proper docs and who were trying to plead their way into the country. It took us @ 2 min. when our turn arrived, grabbed our bags, got a green light, then met Victor who was waiting for us outside with a card with our names on it. In no time we were off to puerto juarez in an air conditioned mini-van. Arrived at the dock, bought two tickets, 70p (paid in pesos since were from south texas and acquired pesos here before we left - very convenient) and off for the beautiful 20 min. crossing to Paradise! Got off of ferry and made big mistake, decided to roll our luggage ourselves to the Posada del Mar, definately tip one of the guys to do this for you as we were quite sweaty upon arriving. Anyhow, Checked into a 2nd floor room in the main bldg. w/king bed and ocean view, acquired a safe for our valuables(either a $100 deposit or an imprint of your cc in case you lose the key), and up to the room. The room was perfect for what we needed and paid, very clean, private balcony, and plenty of hot water the whole time. The first day our room was attended to we arrived to find our towels folded as two swans kissing with fresh flowers amongst them - very nice touch! Off to the bar for a beverage and to meet Miguel and Romy, very nice guys with excellent drink blending abilities. Now time to eat, so we walk to Las Brisas del Caribe for some guacamole-excellent, grilled shrimp-excellent as well, and a couple of cervezas(tip included in the bill at this place). Stacy is tired so it's back to the room for a siesta for her, and it's off to explore for me. Wander down to Sergio's and recognize a couple that I've seen pictures of from reading Doreese's stories, Jan and Bruce, call them out by name, get a "how do you know us look" and quickly explain. Spend a while chatting with them as they are very knowledgeable of the island, and friendly as well. Hang out a while just soaking in the sight of the beautiful water and how lucky we are to be here. Back to the hotel to wake Stacy up, she's now rested a bit and ready to go. Make our way back to sergio's for banana and mango daquiris - YUM YUM, and sit in the swings for a bit. We start chatting with a couple from Idaho who is helping a guy from Finland celebrate his 33rd birthday, and join them for the celebration. The couple is staying in the 3rd floor penthouse right next to Jax (which was closed the whole time we were there) and invite us all up to help them finish some tequila they had as they were leaving the next day. Up we go and Jimmy makes pina coladas for the ladies as we guys indulge ourselves in mucho tequila. The view is very beautiful up here, they have the whole floor, even a jacuzzi for $120 a night - awesome! We all agree to meet at Rolandi's on Hidalgo for dinner (which is a fascinating street day and night) and off to the hotel to shower and ready. Ease on over to Rolandi's and only our new friend from Finland, Mikko (who is on a one year tour of the world compliments of the the finnish government) show up, inquire on how to become a Finnish citizen, and he advises me it's not gonna happen. Anyhow, time to order, Stacy and Mike get pizza - very good, and I get the ravioli - very good also. The pina colada and long island teas are tasty as well. We enjoy a nice rain shower accompanied by some light thunder as we dined, very tropical, and it was over before we left. Off for some nightlife, so we wander down Hidalgo and Faynes has some good live music so we sit. Oops, we're actually at La Adelita tequila bar, which is practically the same place, and that's o.k. because all drinks are 2x1. Order Ron Punch (Rum Punch to us) and sample some tequila from their very extensive list. It's now 10:00 and we're pooped, so time to head back home. Make arrangements to pick Mike up the next morning in the scooter we're going to rent and explore the island and do some snorkeling at garrafon. Back to the Posada to say buenas nochas to Miguel and Romy and it's off to bed. Our First Day in Paradise has been Absolutely Perfect.

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