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Six weeks on Isla

By: dianejoan
Date: 2/28/2007

My husband and I returned for our third year to Isla. Stayed in a small apartment in Salina Chica. We had a fabulous time. We would walk daily to whatever beach was good for the day based on wind direction. Walking is such an under-rated way to see the island. We've never rented a golf-cart and don't miss not having one. We walk the entire island - even going south along the Caribbean and back up the Cancun side. We eat what we want down there (drink also) and come back having lost a bit of weight.

I've seen no mention of the new Cuban restaurant on Hidalgo - just south of Bamboo. We ate there several times and the food was very good - we'd suggest you try it. Our first year we ate at LaLomita. I don't remember what we ate but we were very unimpressed by it. We had dinner with friends from last year one night this trip and they wanted to try a new restaurant they had heard about. Turned out to be LaLomita - well, what a surprise. We had obviously ordered the one mediocre dish that first year. The bean soup, as I've read for years, was great; so were the fish dishes we had. Definitely a "go back to" place.

We spent a fair number of days at Sergios. We usually had Ziggy or Miguel taking care of us. They both did an outstanding job - what nice people. The food there has improved so very much since our first year there. The fish fingers and almond encrusted fish were really tasty. The ceviche is also good.

We had so many wonderful experiences that were really what Isla is all about. There was the rainy day and the lady who asked us into her home for shelter. And my Spanish lessons paid off - we were able to have a very limited conversation. The neighbor who asked me into her home. The baby shower. All made you feel like you were "home".

Two restaurant suggestions for "off the beaten tract" are in Salina Chica. The first is LaCharcal (spelling is close). It is across the street from the Comax store and a few doors north. It is a white building with green ivy stenciled around the door. It is as good if not better than Ball Park Tacos. Tried two new things there - panuchos and salbutes. Very tasty. Run by a husband and wife - Raul and Deysi. Good people and they prepare good food in a spotless restaurant. Also farther south, next to the bakery, is DonaMaries. Also very good. We ate at both places several times. Do try their chicken soup. they each do it a bit differently but it's a great meal for about 3 dollars.

Summary - a great six weeks, we shall return.

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