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Sunny (continued)

By: viennaz22 (View Profile)
Date: 3/20/2007

When ever we saw Sunny she followed us and we had fun.I think people thought she was ugly because they never stopped to pet her but we thought she was beautiful,her eyes that sparkled,her way of looking at us when she chased us it was like:"You guys can't lose me!" We didn't want to either.The day before we left Isla we saw her when we were doing last minute shopping.Dayna(my cousin),Erik(a mexican boy we all love)and I fed her some ham and played with her at the park.My other cousin,Shawn was buying a T-shirt for his friend and I was playing with Sunny outside the store,when Rosemary came. Rosemary has the best icecream on all of Isla and Dayna and I were reguler customers there and we knew her and that shehelped donate to the animal shelter.She said we should take Sunny to the animal shelter.We wanted some fun for our last full day on Isla so we decided to rent a golf cart.The man said that there was no more golf carts so we left to do more shopping.We were heading into a store when the man came running out saying there was a golf cart available.We walked down with him to get our golf cart.Once we had it Dayna asked if Sunny could ride and she could!Sunny had so much fun in the golf cart with the wind blowing through her fur but that is where the good times end.
To Be Continued....

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