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Isla Mujeres 2010~~Day 14-15

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 7/1/2010

Isla Mujeres 2010

Day 14-15
February 25-26

February 25 – Day 14

Wow….already here for 2 weeks! Am I ever glad that we don’t have to go home yet, but then quickly realize that the holiday is half over. Time just goes by way too fast!

A beautiful sunrise awaits me on the balcony… sure isn’t very warm though and it feels like a bit of a norte coming our way.

Time to get a few supplies from centro and then back home to make some yummy sandwiches for the day. One last weather check….lookin’ good!

We make our way to Playa Norte, but it is a little deserted today. Definitely a norte….sand was blowing so unless you want extreme exfoliation, it was off to find another beach for today. We end up at what I call the Posada del Mar beach. Nice and sunny and we get settled….

Time to lay back and just enjoy the view…..

It’s not terribly warm though….pleasant at 25C, but not so warm that you just had to get it in the water to cool off. Sure is strange weather we are having this year.

We stay until 5pm but just can’t wait for the sunset as we were feeling chilled. Back home we enjoy the view to the east…..

And the view to the west…..

I’m going to assume that we ate dinner tonight….’cause we always do, but damned if I know what we had! No pics and no notes….I know it was good though!

February 26 – Day 15

Good morning little sunshine! Those clouds are going to disappear right?

I drag Vince on a walk this morning…we’ve been far too lazy with our walks this year. We find this sweet little kitty greeting us….

Off to the secret beaches to find some sea glass for a project of mine….

We find quite a bit and bring it home to rinse off the salt and put it all out to dry….

A nice day on the beach once again….norte was still blowing so we head back to the same spot. It’s hockey night in Canada once again so we are off to La Luna to cheer on our team. Vince has a HUGE burger!!!!! He said it was very good….

It was a mouthful and a half!!!

I ate some of his fries and then splurged on a decadent dessert….peanut butter brownie.

I think this is becoming a ‘what did we eat today’ report! Isla Mujeres definitely has a great variety of food available…’ll never go hungry here!!!

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