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Scott and Michelle's Isla Mujeres Trip Report DAY 5 :-(

By: shell122898 (View Profile)
Date: 10/7/2005

We were not wanting this day to ever arrive. But it did and we woke up around 5 in order to go see our first sunset of the trip because that was a must do on our list of to do's for our trip. We watched the sun rise and like with the sunset we have watched it from the beach at home, but it is nothing like the sunrise in Isla. It once again was the best thing I have ever seen in my life. I did cry a little bit that morning watching that. OK, I said I would not do that, but I did. Once we left from watching the sunrise we searched for breakfast since we had not eaten breakfast on the island yet.

We found Chile Loco's........where was this place the whole time??? I thought their food was great. And the coffee was to die for, it was wonderful. Once we got done with breakfast we had to finish packing because we had to be out of the room and at the 11:00 ferry. So we pack up and head out with our bags. We got on the ferry and Scott kept looking at me because he thought I was going to cry, but I did not. It was a quite ride back though. We talked about missing our plane and staying another day and just dealing with whatever happened, but we both have children and needed to get back to our responsibilities.

This trip was something that was a wonderful experience for me. For both of us it was our first out of country trip. We had a blast and can't wait to get back. Our children want to go.

My favorite memories of our trip are: 1. Sitting on the curb in the rain with people from all over the world sharing beer with each other and hanging out like we had known each other for years. 2. Watching a father and son play soccer with a plastic coke bottle down Hidalgo late at night. I have many more but I think those two capture the feel of Isla Mujeres the best.

Another thing I thought was cute was that the Tuesday after we got back Scott did not go to work, I had to though. So he washed all of our clothes. We were on the phone and I made the comment that I bet it did not smell good when he opened the suitcase. He said to me: "No, actually it made me want to cry because it smelt like Isla Mujeres and I want to go back." I thought that was awesome. I don't think I will ever see the things I saw or smell the scents that I smelled while I was there anywhere else ever again....and to be honest with you, I don't want to.......I want Isla to remain that special.

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