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2nd Trip to Isla-2 Texans-March 24th

By: Ninnie (View Profile)
Date: 3/31/2007

Saturday in Isla! It doesn't get any better than this! We wake up pretty early this day for some reason. My head is hurting a bit from the night before so I down some aspirin. Before breakfast, we stop buy and reserve a golf cart for the day. We decide on Jax for breakfast so we can watch the island start its day. Breakfast is pretty basic but good and the staff is great at Jax.

We walk back to the golf cart and I get to drive this year! We head out of town to tour the island. We do the usual tour stopping off at a couple of sites to snap pictures. We make it down to the south end and pay the $3 to see the sculptures and the temple. The sculptures against the backdrop of the water made for some great photos. We walked up the lighthouse and got some great shots there as well. This end of the island is so breathtaking you don't want to leave. We hop back in the cart and head back up. We stop and take a shot of the shell house and see some new houses being built. We wonder what we are doing wrong in life and how in the h%&$ can we afford to live like this?? :) We drive back into town and stop off at the internet cafe across from Manana. After checking in with fam and friends, we drive back out of town--this time hubby drives.

We stop off at Zamas. Just as we remembered from last year--beautiful and peaceful. We sit up by the pool and order a bucket of beers. We stay for a while and decide to grab a bite to eat. I ordered the lobster quesadillas (thanks for the advice on the map-Laura!) and hubby ordered a burger. Food was great! Hubby said the pico there was the best. On the way back, we stopped in town for ice cream. I was stuffed to the gills (as I was most of the trip!).

Dropped off the golf cart and headed to the room for a bit of rest. The sun had worn us out!

Dinner was at Rolandi's. Hubby had the grilled shrimp and steak and I had the pizza. The shrimp here was awesome--the best on the island in our opinion. After Rolandi's we made our way down to Comono's. This was a quaint little place. We talked with the family that ownes it and met Pica the family dog. I wanted to try the chocolate sausage (again, Laura's recommendation!). It was good, but a bit rich and I could not eat but a few bites of it. I agree, it did taste like chocolate chip cookie dough! We then went next door to Miguel's and had a few cocktails and listened to the 2 man band (seems like I keep repeating myself there). Miguel was so very nice--just like everyone on the board described him. We headed back up Hidalgo and stopped off for some bottled water before heading back to the room. Another day passed in paradise! More to follow!

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