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MX 2005 - Isla Mujeres - Day 12

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 4/24/2005

Mexico 2005

Isla Mujeres

March 7 Day 12

“Finally!….A Whole Day At The Beach!”

Having had a wonderful sleep I am on the
balcony before the sun even touches the horizon….
If you look closely you can see a cruise ship sailing past….

I wake up a sleepy-head Vince so he can
watch the show as well….

It’s going to be a gorgeous day!
Let’s get it started!

Off for a walk along the malecon
north of the Roca Mar. It is still
in good shape so the hurricane spared this area…

As we get close to the point the
waves make some wonderful scenery
as they crash against the craggy rocks…

I can only imagine what it might be like when the waves are really rough!

As we round the corner towards the calm waters of Playa Norte, we take one last look towards the open ocean…

And then, there it is…Playa Norte in all its glory…ahhhhh…

And chairs are waiting just for us…

And that gives me a great idea…”Honey, do you think we could get to the beach really early today and stay there the whole,
entire day…pleeeeeease!” He agrees so we
make our way home along the beach, stopping
to say good morning to a few amigos…

We just had to stop and watch this
puppy enjoying a morning swim…

And then a shake…

Look at the size of those paws!
He won’t be this little for long!

No time to play right now, little fella, maybe later! Walking quickly through the
early morning streets of Isla Mujeres,
we arrive at the Supermercado just
in time for fresh croissants. We
pick up a few other goodies, but
NO beer as Vince has learned his
lessons well! Off to the room
where I make Vince gobble up and by 9:30
we are on the moped and zooming off
to Playa Norte…I’m a happy girl!

Since we’re going to be here the
entire day it’s a good time to
splurge on loungers and a umbrella.
We help ourselves to some that are
set up along the water’s edge,
knowing that a fellow will come
along soon to collect.
Near Buho’s you pay for the
loungers and umbrellas but get
a coupon for pop. Chairs and
umbrellas are $40MXP each, but I
get 3 coupons for pop in exchange
so we’ll end up saving $45MXP.
Not a bad deal and the view is awesome….

It’s incredibly hot and humid today…feels
wonderful. And since it’s Monday
there seem to be a lot fewer people
around too, which is an added bonus.
I try very hard not to think about
where I will be next Monday!

The rest of the morning passes with
many dips in that beautiful water,
reading and snoozing. By 12:30 Vince
starts twitching. He complains that
the cerveza is really too expensive
here and that he should just go home
and grab a couple from the fridge.
Hon, stop making excuses and just
go for your ride! I’m very happy to
just relax today, but go on and have
your fun. In seconds, he is off…adios!

I’m not sure how long he was gone,
but I think I read a few chapters,
had a few swims and probably snored
a bit too. When he does come back,
he has some fresh out-of-the-oven mini
pizzas along….hmmmm, a peace offering?
Nope, he’s just hungry and as he was
driving around the streets of town he
came upon a little pizza place. They
are very good and only $17MXP each.
It was the perfect snack!

We pass the rest of the afternoon in
complete relaxation mode. When Vince
gets restless again, I give him a project….
and he did an excellent job!…

As the sun begins to descend we just
lay back and enjoy the show…

Sad to see it go after such an amazing day, but I know it will be back tomorrow…

As dusk begins to fall, I sadly give
up my chair as the fellow once again
collects them for the night. Off to
the room to clean up and Vince asks if
we can go to Angelo’s…Again. Ok, sure, why not!
I don’t know if we didn’t take the camera
along or if we were just too darn hungry,
but we took no pictures tonight! Guess our
brains went on holiday today too!

Angelo’s is hopping busy once again,
but we don’t have a long wait for a
table. Vince orders his favourite mixed
salad and a cheese and spinach ravioli. I have the ‘Ortolanto’ again, which is fettuccini
with fresh asparagus and mushrooms in a
cream sauce. With 2 vino blancos, the
bill is $300MXP, including tip. As before, it is delicious!

Waddling back down Hidalgo, we don’t
pass up our nightly ritual…lime popsicles
from Viva Mexico. A great ending to a
wonderful day! Sweet dreams!

**Report Card
--Early morning walks—a definite must-do on Isla.
The beaches are very quiet and deserted so
it’s wonderfully peaceful. Seeing the shops
and restaurants come to life is fun too.
--Chairs at Buho’s--$40MXP each less a pop or
water coupon worth $15MXP. You have to go
into the restaurant area to redeem the coupon.
--Pizza place—no idea where it was except that
it’s a little place on a side street…we can
show you though! Cheap and good! $17MXP each.
--Angelo’s—Need I say more…excellent again!

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