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Mexico 2008 ~ Day 1-6

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 5/21/2008

Our holiday started at the Iberostar Paraiso del Mar…an all-inclusive resort about 30 minutes south of the Cancun Airport. If anyone would like a link to those 5 days of reports, just let me know and I’ll send you a link.

Mexico 2008
February 14 – March 9

Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar ~ Isla Mujeres

Day 6 Tuesday February 19

“Adios Iberostar, Hola Isla Mujeres”

Well, those 5 nights went by far too quickly. On our last Iberostar morning, we finally have a nice sunrise…..

The beach is ready and waiting…

Back to bed for a little snooze, but by 8 we are up and getting ready for the day. As much as we hate to leave, we are also looking forward to our next adventure on Isla Mujeres. Vince and Jason decide that they need brekkies, so I stay behind to finish the packing. Off they go….

Taking in all the sights on the way…

The bellboy was scheduled to arrive at 11…hmmm….not here yet….let’s enjoy our balcony for a few more minutes.

Jason doesn’t want to leave!

Vince would like to enjoy the Jacuzzi again…

One more walk on the beach would be nice…

The Grand in the distance…see you next year!

Another wonderful Iberostar holiday…

The bellboy finally arrives at 11:30. His cart is full though so we luckily grab the tram for the ride to the lobby. AGI Tours is supposed to be picking us up at 11:30, so I hope they haven’t been waiting too long.

We arrive at the lobby…no sign of AGI….quick check out followed by some warm hugs goodbye to Ilse, Reyna and Olga. We promise to return next year and definitely stay longer too! We settle in the lobby…

…still no sign of AGI…we’re not having any luck today! Vince checks his iTouch for emails….this would become a favourite past-time of his over the next few weeks…

We wait and wait….something must be wrong as AGI is always prompt. I ask Olga to give them a call….turns out that they made a mistake and had us listed for pick-up at 1:30 instead of 11:30…guess someone lost a ‘1’! Oh well, they’ll be here as soon as they can. We enjoy some cold drinks and at 12:45, AGI arrives….no problema.

Off we dash to the ferry at Gran Puerto. The entrance-way is under major construction. They are building a parkade. Hopefully that will make it less congested when getting dropped off or picked up. We get dropped off on the road and haul the suitcases to the dock. Plenty of time until the 2pm ferry.

And there’s the ferry, all ready and waiting….

Just kidding! We get on the ferry and sit up on the top deck. As the engines roar to life, we are finally on our way…get ready Isla, here we come!

We enjoy the view as we get closer….although there are a few things marring the skyline…way too much construction on Isla….

A great spot to snorkel with Captain Tony…

As the beach comes into view…how many more minutes until my toes hit the sand?!

The ferry pulls up to the dock and we literally bounce our way to the nearest trike fellow…Roca Mar por favor. We’re here!!! It’s been a long 12 months! We hoof our way along, knowing the steps by heart.

Jabes of Roca Mar greets us. A very nice fellow, very organized, and after a quick sign-in, we have our key to room #310. Let’s go! The first spot we go is the balcony…gotta love that view! Well, you’ll just have to imagine it for now as I didn’t stop to take a photo! We were in a hurry to get to the beach! So as soon as we can find swimsuits, we are on our way to Playa Sol. I’m sure we’ll find some of the ‘gang’ already gathered there.

Yup….Jan and Bruce, Jean and Rich…hola amigos!!! Good to see everyone again!

Drinks are quickly ordered and since Jason is hungry, we get an order of Sergio’s parmesan grilled fish fillet….delish!

Lots of chatter and laughter follow and the pretty sunset is a great ending to another fun day….

A quick walk back to the room and then it’s off to CoMoNo’s, one of our favourite restaurants, for dinner with Jan and Bruce. We’re happy to see Jen and Lee again!

Food is ordered…way too much as usual! Labeneh, spring rolls, tempura shrimp, home salad, falafel, kebobs…yum, yum! Jason ordered his own greek salad with chicken..his favourite from last year…

It was all delicious and the company great! Jason and I played backgammon and then we tried to teach Bruce…he was a pro by the end of the holiday!

As if we’re not full enough, we somehow find room for ice cream. Jason had ferrero rocher…like those chocolates you can get…it was decadent. I had my usual favourite of banana and chocolate.

Slurping our treats as they melt in the evening warmth, we slowly wind our way back to the Roca Mar. Luckily we are so tired, that the sound of the waves doesn’t keep us awake for long….

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