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Ang and Dale's trip day THREE!

By: Angndale (View Profile)
Date: 10/4/2005

Another beautiful morning! More pastries at the Market. New this morning though was a ceremony in the town square. All the school children were there, and a drum and bugle corps and a rifle and flag squad. It was great to watch.
Dale managed to lose his hat, and though we looked around we couldnt find it. We met a man on a bicycle with one leg. He tried to help, and we gave him some pesos for his effort. Bought a new hat!!
We went down to the seawall area near Playa Media Luna for some snorkeling and shell hunting. There were some pretty little yellow striped fish. We wondered what those red flags flapping in the breeze meant. Turns out it means “no swimming”! The lifeguard (didnt even know there WAS one!) made us get out, but he was really nice and posed for pictures with us under the flag and next to the sign that says “no swimming” in spanish! Then we went to the Playa Norte and tried again. No fish.
We cleaned up and went to Gomar’s for lunch. We split a pizza there. A really drunk lady, decided she was my best friend. She kept talking to me in Spanish, and I could understand some of it, but not much. She smelled like a brewery, you know what I mean. She finally found herself a table, but she kept yelling for me to come over and sit with her. I tried to be nice, and we finally had to leave. The 2 guys sitting together near us were cracking up. I don’t know if it was because they could understand her, or because we couldnt. I just rolled my eyes at them and we left.
We decided to go snorkeling for tomorrow and set off to find “Captain Tony” since we had heard such awesome things about him. It’s at Matamoros and Juarez if anyone ever needs to find it. He wasnt there, but his Dad was. I really liked his Dad. He’s 82 and really sweet. We kept seeing him every day on our trip and I would always yell “hola padre!!” and he’d smile and wave back and say “hola!”. He told me to come back tomorrow morning and Tony would take us out.
We went back to the castle and much to our surprise, the maid had made a cool sculpture out of our towels and flowers! It was beautiful. I ran out of the room and found her and gave her a big hug and a tip. How sweet was that?! I took pictures of it then Dale and I carefully lifted it over to the table.
Dinner was at Amigo’s tonite. We said Hi to Hector/Sergio/Mike, and now “Monica” on the way by. We also ran into an old friend of a friend named “Benito”. Good to see him. He’s really nice. Amigo’s was EXCELLENT! We had the mozerella salad which was slices of tomato and cheese in olive oil. Yum. Then they brought out a big garlic bread puff thing which was also yum. Dale had the beef tacos and I had the coconut shrimp and a pina colada.
We headed back to the castle for a nap, and just never woke up till the next morning. Tomorrow is our snorkeling trip!!

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