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Isla Mujeres 2006 Trip Report - Day 8

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 4/25/2006

Isla Mujeres 2006

Day 8 – February 28

“Beach Back Bonanza Day!”

Okay chicas….it’s the day we’ve all been waiting for! I bound out of bed, sad to see a bank of clouds on the horizon. I can barely make out the sun rising above the horizon…

Hmmmm….this isn’t the weather we ordered! Hopefully the clouds will blow away soon!

Back into bed for a few more dreams and then it’s off to M & J Cazuela’s for a delicious breakfast. Vince has the fried egg sandwich and chaya while I have my usual toast and jam with a side of those yummy ‘mashbrowns’ as I call them. By now I just have to tell Pedro that I will have the ‘usual’!

By 10am we are aboard ‘Pepe the moped’ and scooting off to join the gang at Zama’s Beach Club for the day. We arrive to find Jean, Rich, Jan, Bruce, Joe, April, Frank, Ann, Mike, Barb and Darcy lounging away. It’s a very relaxing spot….

Even the birds are chillaxin’…

But…..there’s a BIG glitch in our day!!! Zama’s has NO CERVEZA!!!! The beer truck has just arrived and is about to be unloaded but the beer is warm. Vince is walking around enjoying his ice cold cerveza which we brought from home. The boys are drooling. A game plan is hatched! Vince hops on the scooter and zooms off to the closest store, picking up cold beers for the very thirsty boys. He was back way too fast…without me on the back of the moped there was no speed control in effect! I think the boys just about hugged him as the bottles were quickly opened and guzzled!

We swam in the beautiful pools and enjoyed a delicious lunch. Vince had a fish fillet on a bun and I had guacamole. The food was very good and the service was excellent.

And now that the thirst has been quenched and our tummies are full….let the Beach Back Party begin!!!!! We find the perfect spot and everyone strikes a pose….

No sooner has the photo been taken when we hear footsteps in the sand behind us. Hey, no peeking!!!

Frank won’t take no for an answer and tries to squeeze into the middle…No Way Amigo!!! Girls Only!!!

We make him scoot off to the end of the line….

He doesn’t like that spot though and moves front and center. Too bad you can’t hear all the giggling and laughter that was going on!

Another fun memory!

We’ve been sitting in the shallow water for a few minutes now. “Do you feel something?” “I think I’m being bitten!” Soon, the tops are back on and we are all jumping up out of the water and rinsing off! There must have been some little critters in the water that had us for lunch!

Next, it’s off to the dock for a group photo…everyone smile!

And once again…Frank, front and center, and lovin’ every minute of it!!!

By now, our cheeks (all of them!) are hurting from so much laughter and plans are made to meet up for dinner at Manolo’s. It’s extremely hot this afternoon so after a quick dip we are off on the scooter for a cool down on the way home. What a wonderful afternoon…gracias amigos!!!

By 6pm we are all gathered once again in Manolo’s courtyard.

Drinks and dinner are quickly ordered…..Grilled garlic grouper for both of us, plus a yummy strawberry margarita and cerveza…$300MXP

The night is just beginning so it’s off to La Pena for the fundraiser party. We arrive and pay our entrance which gives us drink tickets and carnival beads. There are tables full of wonderful items for a silent auction. I ended up with two very cute handcrafted ‘cat pins’ by ‘Earthenwear Jewelry’. There are a million people crowded into La Pena!

And lobsters too!!! Hola Captain Tony!

We all have fun getting our faces painted…

Bince y Doreese…

Freckles and Jan…



We don’t win the 50/50 draw, darn it, so it’s off to Jan and Bruce’s room to drop off their goodies. Then it’s off to mingle with the crowds at the zocalo. Fat Tuesday is in full swing here!

We find our way past the masses to our usual great vantage point….taking in some whiffs of yummy food on the way…

Jan passes on the crepes today and opts for churros instead. I think I stole a few…they were good! Sparky comes by and the men have a chat…Jan and I hear whispering about ‘Casa Blanca’ but we quickly put an end to that! Bad boys!

Just before midnight we head home leaving the die hard partiers behind. I didn’t hear any music from our room, but I’m sure it lasted well into semi daylight! Happy Carnival!

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