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Day 3 (3/6/07)

By: johnrmcc (View Profile)
Date: 3/18/2007

Another beautiful day on Isla. After eating breakfast at Jax, we walked and took another golf cart ride around the island and returned our golf cart after 24 hours. We took the ferry to Cancun, grabbed a taxi and headed for furniture/appliance stores and took a quick look at Sams Club which is very similar to Sams in the USA.

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On the way back to Isla, as we went by a catamaran, the wife said those people are running around naked. I missed the money shot by the time I got my camera out.

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After returning to Isla, we had several cervazas and snacks at Don Chepo’s which consisted of quacamole/natchos and enchiladas. All was very delicious. Don Chepo’s had the best service of any establishment so far (and the best nachos which are made fresh daily). After a late afternoon lunch/snack, more walking. We toured the local cemetery which was very interesting to see how young several of the people were when they died, around 30.

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After buying some water, back to Los Arcos for a quick nap before going out to eat (again). We weren’t very hungry so we woofed down a pizza at Rolandis and cervazas, a walk, and more food at Don Chepo’s. I have to have the wife lay off the guacamole because I believe it is affecting her.

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