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By: viennaz22 (View Profile)
Date: 3/22/2007

On one of the last days we went snorkling at Garrafon, we got our stuff on and went in the water. Shawn being the weirdo he is(no offense Shawn)wanted to touch one and maybe grab it by its tail and then let it go, just for fun and I guess Dayna wanted to too because one second there were there swimming beside me and pointing out cool fish, and the next there were gone leaving me all alone in the middle of the ocean(ok, it wasn't the middle of the ocean,I was just a bit over the place I could stand perfectly in the water...) Well I was swimming around trying to find them, when a fish hit my mask!I looked around trying to find the out who threw the fish because it had to much impact to have just been swimming and it hit me, and the culprit had been hard to find because someone had been screaming since the fish hit me, so I went to investigate the screaming. It was Dayna! I asked her what happened and she said she was trying to touch a fish and she grabbed one by accident and it freaked her out. So she got into details about how slimy it felt and such, and she started to creep me out. We went back to shore and Gramma and Auntie K.C. gave us some bread to give to the fish and we went back in, Dayna started feeding the fish with me and suddenly, about a million, billion fish swarmed around us and I thought it was cool, but Dayna started screaming again, giving the impression something was wrong and I guess it was contegious because I started screaming too. We started to swim away and it felt like the fish were licking my toes, exept they don't have tongues, so that doesn't work but thats what it felt like! Dayna was screaming louder than ever and she was pointing at the big fish near the coral and she was screaming bloody murder, she screeched BARRUCUDA!!!!!! over and over and Shawn wanted to touch it, so I swam away I swam away from the extreme madness and I didn't go back.(and Gramma that is why I left the water early)


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