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Part 6 Berta's Boat Adventure The Turks and Caicos Islands

By: BertaB (View Profile)
Date: 5/25/2007

Where was I??? Oh yes, we had anchored of Sand Cay at the southern tip of the Turks and Caicos island chain.

Showers and engine checks completed, we haul anchor and head for Provodenciales. They have a repair yard that can work on the stabilizers. The roughest part of the trip is now over as far as waves are concerned.

One of many little islands along the way to Provo.

Eventually we arrive at the shipyard. It isn't a pretty marina by any stretch of the imagination, but after the last few days, it looked like paradise to me. A nice dockhand came to greet us and gave assistance in tying up the LaChelle. Thank you Joseph!

Chris and I are not allowed to leave the boat as we haven't cleared customs and immigration. I was getting antsy to use the phone and call home. It was torture as the phone was there within eyeshot, taunting and tormenting me. Within an hour, an official came to the boat to clear us. It was a sprint race to the phone.
It helps to be the youngest and quickest with the phone card. LOL "Hi Honey.................." At $3.00 a minute, one does not take their time talking!

While Leo and Chris made their calls I snapped this photo of a tug that was washed ashore in a hurricane and never quite got on the list to be hauled out.

I have just been informed that I now have 540 nautical miles under my belt this trip. I came to the conclusion that this trip is not a working vacation, it is just plain work. At this point I know that this is what can happen when one decides to join the boating life. I also know that it will be very different when I am with my husband on our own boat. We won't be rushing and if it looks like bad weather or high seas, we will just stay put. It is the only thing that is keeping me sane.

The next day we rent a car and go exploring Provo.
Pink Daihatsu's seem to be the choice for car rental agencies.

Back at the boat for a bit, I get the task of washing the boat. Now I didn't think this was too bad of a deal as LaChelle is the same length as our boat and I can wash ours in about 2 hours.

This is my boat

This is LaChelle

I forgot that LaChelle had more surface area than our boat.
It took me all day to wash that boat!!! But while it sounds like I was given the short end of the stick for chores, I actually got the better end of the deal. Leo and Chris were inside the boat working on the broken head.
I will leave you to your own imagination what that job was like.

Wed. May 2, 2007

Sleeping pills work wonders. I slept until 7 am. I am so stiff and sore from yesterdays workout washing the boat. There isn't much to do today. I spent the day reading and preparing dinner. We had Rum & Coke Chicken with rice and green beans. Yummy. It was nice to sit and do absolutely nothing today. In the evening we watched a DVD and make popcorn. Early to bed early to rise.

Thurs. May 3, 2007

Woke up to high winds and thunderstorms. Good thing we aren't leaving in the boat today. Leo is waiting for a part for the stabilizers. It is a simple fix thankfully.

Talked to a few other boaters in the marina. Heard about some nasty storm near the Carolinas. I called Steve to see what the situation was as we were planning to leave the next day. He is able to connect to the internet to give us wave forecasts. UH OH. Looks like some big waves for us eventually. No problem the next few days tho, and that is a good thing.

It started to clear up and we drove into town to stock up on provisions and have a nice meal at a restaurant to give the cook (me) a break. :)

Finally found Mackies Place that was listed in one our guidebooks. I insisted on it because I read that is where the locals hang out and eat. This method worked on Isla, so it must work on other islands, right??? I ordered the cracked conch dinner. OMG!!!!!!!!! My Isla training proved right! For $15 I got a humongous plate of conch and fries, veggies, salad and a beer. Leo had the same thing. Chris ordered BBQ ribs. I didn't have the heart to tell her she might have been eating goat ribs. The menu pretty much had conch, chicken and goat prepared various ways. The menu just said BBQ ribs. I put two and two together, but I wasn't going to upset the apple cart and ruin my dinner. Shame on me. LOL Funny thing was, she said they were the best ribs she ever had. Bwaaaaahahahhaha. I am so bad sometimes. :P

Early to bed as we are bugging out early because of the weather issues up north. We have another 24 hour run to our next port. I am awakened at 11pm with heavy winds and another thunderstorm. Nothing to do but wait it out and hope we can get out of here in the morning. It is getting boring around here.

Fri. 5/4/07

Not a good morning. I woke up feeling ill. At least the weather was cooperating. Leo returned the rental car and we headed out to the sea again. Lesson of the day......
never drink beer and then do Jagermeister shots. They don't mix well. I was not up to dodging coral heads for some odd reason. I was excused from duty for a few hours.

I did snap this photo of the color changes in the water.

Those of you that have been to Isla know those colors. Indiscribable to someone who has never seen them.

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