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Mexico 2008 ~ Day 20

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 6/3/2008

Mexico 2008
February 14 – March 9

Isla Mujeres

Day 20 Tuesday March 4

“A Sunshine Rain Day”

Where else would I be at 6am…..

Back to my usual siesta for an hour or so and then we head off to the market on the scooter. We pick up freshly squeezed orange juice and a watermelon. I’ve had a craving for watermelon and we found a nice small one. We also pick up some croissants and yogurt from the Super Express, so breakfast on our balcony is delicious. The watermelon was sooo good. And, just as we are ready to leave for the beach, we hear a loudspeaker outside announcing something….

“Fruit for Sale!”

The truck as loaded with watermelons and pineapples. Darn! We just bought one! Notice the bulging tires on the truck! Workers from a nearby construction site were happy for the treat. Off they went once again. We saw the truck the next day…it only had a few left and the tires looked happier!

We decide on Playa Norte today. We park the scooter near Buho’s and head up the beach, finding a spot to lay our pareos under the palms.

This area of the beach has changed so much in the last year. I’m really hoping that mother nature will be kind and restore it to its former glory. But, in the meantime, it’s still a beautiful spot and nice and quiet…it feels calm…and we enjoy the day together…

Our view…when we had our eyes open between siestas!...

Along comes the tireless coco man…I wonder how many miles he walks each day?...and I can only imagine how heavy the coco bag is…

He sits down near us for a well-deserved break…

The rest of the day passes like most of our other days…sun, siesta, swim, cerveza…

And, as usual, Vince drags me off the beach for our daily ride around the isla. We go up Sac Bajo and find Malcolm and Rhondda at Su Casa Cottages. They were enjoying a quiet afternoon on their beach. It was a wonderfully peaceful spot…

We sit with them for a while and decide to scoot off again before some ominous-looking clouds open on us. We will see them, along with Jan and Bruce at a new restaurant tonight, Olivia’s. It’s located where Manolo’s used to be, right near Captain Tony’s.

We arrive home before the rain catches us. But, just before we are ready to leave for centro, the skies open and a downpour begins. There’s no way we can walk to town without getting soaked! Vince goes outside and luckily, hails a taxi for us. We hop in and off we go. The others are already gathered in the cozy courtyard. We have a very private table, far in the back. This courtyard was always a pretty spot, but the new owners have given it a wonderful ambiance. Even in the rain, we are dry and cozy…

Drinks and food are ordered…the staff was very friendly and helpful.

Jan and Bruce…

Malcolm and Rhondda…

The food arrives under cover of an umbrella!

The tasty Moroccan fish…

Beef kebobs with delicious rosemary potatoes…

Nothing but good things to say about this new restaurant. I hope it’ll be around for a long time. The ambiance is wonderful, the service was great, the staff was friendly and best of all, the food was delicious and reasonably priced as well!

Happily stuffed and the rain has finally eased. We say adios to Rhondda and Malcolm who are leaving on Thursday and tell them to drive home safely on their scooter in the dark. Malcolm has a big motorcycle at home so we know he’s a pro.

Jan, Bruce, Vince and I tiptoe through the puddles. We enjoy an ice cream treat on our walk home and with stars beginning to show overhead, we hope for a return to sunny skies tomorrow. G’nite!

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