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some honest trip feedback from one that loves Isla

By: islazone (View Profile)
Date: 2/10/2007

Skip down if you want to avoid some unpleasant truths-
First let me start with a couple of notes. I am an experienced traveler especially in Mexico. I LOVE to visit Isla and I will be back. I am not a business or property owner. I usually avoid posting on this and other boards because I believe as Berta recently pointed out all posts promote change on Isla and for me most of the change is not good. There are posters that truly love Isla and only want to share this unique place with others. There are others that are obviously shills. I have learned to not believe everything I read especially on message boards. In my opinion if you are concerned about the future of Isla – and I think you should be – then I caution you to think very carefully before posting. Lurk. If you really want to do something to help buy some property on Isla and leave it undeveloped. We visit Isla and try to live up to the slogan– take nothing but photographs and leave only footprints. We have stopped bringing crap to Isla and giving it to kids. They don’t want/need my dollar store garbage – We give our money to helping organizations and spend carefully to support the local economy. Another thing – we have stopped over tipping. I have come to believe that crazy large tips are awkward for the recipient and it creates an unhelpful expectation for future visitors.

More trip report – We visited again over the New Year holiday and we had a great time.

Lows – We waited for dinner on New Years day almost 2 hours and it never came. We were at least the 6th table to leave without being served. I felt bad for the restaurant owner – his cooks didn’t show up. It would have been better to not open like some others did that night. Overall, meal prices were up – For the first time on Isla I met some rude and ugly Americans. Who the %$#& do they think they are and where do they think they are? I was embarrassed for them. Zamas – A busy day there was pushed over the top by the arrival of a boat of day-trippers treated to an all-inclusive buffet lunch. We’ll try it again but our expectations have changed. The golf cart I rented didn’t work properly – It had a slow starter and broken parking brake. When I returned it I simply reported the need for maintenance only to be met with the double eye roll and told I didn’t know how to work the cart. Seemed a bit jaded. I have to ask - where does all the money pouring into the island go? Why are there piles of debris everywhere? What’s up with the litter everywhere? Folks are sweeping and raking constantly yet the same bits of litter are often there for the whole week.
You know all the food isn’t really THAT great. It is pretty good considering the kitchens used to cook most meals. Do you think the menus offered represent what they think we want? Garlic shrimp, garlic shrimp, garlic shrimp all over the place and often over priced.
Stop twisting my towels into weird animal shapes and just clean the room. To the ‘security” agents that took my water away before boarding the plane in Cancun … ah never mind….

Highlights –
Lime Soup, early morning walks, there are many gentle and friendly people on the island, some businesses are truly making a great living by providing a good product or service, Contoy Island is one of the only reasons I can think of to leave Isla before it is time to go home, snorkeling was great, relaxing, reading, no cell phones, and I never checked my e-mail all week. Each night I slept soundly from active days enjoying Isla. The new hammock I bought is a daily reminder of our good times on this interesting and still very special island. Oh one last thing - I don’t go to Isla to meet other travelers but when I do I have enjoyed visiting with you. Peace.

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