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Day 3 of 5.. I have forgotten what the date is...Yay!

By: Kasha68 (View Profile)
Date: 5/8/2011

We wake up feeling very refreshed..though i must say the pillows at Chi Chis are small and not what I am used to--but we make do! My partner never snores when we are on Isla, so I always feel very refreshed in the morning and he never wakes up with sore ribs!

We wake up to a BEAUTIFUL morning! Slight breeze and sunshine!

I forgot to mention that when we were at dinner the night before, Jorge came to Chi Chis to see us and left a couple of notes for us to stop by the restaurant to talk about fishing--so after we had eaten at Poc Chuck, we stopped and set up a fishing trip--today we were to go bottom fishing!

The plan was to meet at 9am. We got dressed, lathered up with sunscreen, and headed out to eat. Since we didnt think we would have much time for a sit down breakfast, we decided on Barlitos. What a GREAT place this is! We stopped and talked to Tiffany and Brad and asked about a to-go breakfast...we each had the breakfast sandwhich. I had the chorizo, egg on the everthing bagel and my partner had the bacon, egg on jalepeno bagel. These were HUGE sandwiches and VERY good. They also came with a small side of fruit--mango and pineapple, I think. We strolled and ate to amake our way to the 7-11 to buy some snacks and gatorade for the trip. Jorge said he would also provide some water and pop, but since it was going to be so hot, we decided to also get some gatorade as well.

We met our fishing partner, John, who was going to fish with us that day. We fished until 1:30pm, then came in. We caught over 30 fish, and threw a lot back. Jorge and his mate, Berto were wonderful to us and we had a great time fishing, talking, laughing, and learning a little history of IM along the way. Jorge said we would have our lunch cooked for us--we caught trigger fish, corgy, yellow finned snapper, banana fish, and some other fish that I cant remember. We kept the trigger, corgy and yellow snappers.

We got back to Velazquez and celebrated the catch with a few beers with Jorge and Berto while the fish were cleaned and prepped for cooking. We all feasted on grilled and fried fish and it was the best fish we had all week! We paid 10p per person for them to cook up the fish...this included beans, chips/salsa, pico, rice, veggies. EXCELLENT price.

We told Jorge we will recommend him to others, so I will get his info on TA. He also does snorkel tours, shark tours, etc. We will be using him in Feb to go fishing, and again in July 2012 when we take the kids to snorkel/swim with the whales and, of course, fish.

We were so stuffed from lunch we had to walk some of it out. John came back to the hotel with us to check it out as he decided he was going to stay another day or two on Isla, instead of heading back. He stayed in room 6, but we didnt see him any more that trip.

We got back to the room, changed to the beach attire and headed back down to the beach. Tomas greeted us again with a friendly smile and we sat and talked with him and cooled off in the ocean until it was time to clean up and head to eat.

Dinner was at Poc Chuck again...beef and chicken tacos and two beers...100 p again. Cant beat that! Early night as we were both tired from fishing.

Tomorrow..another favorite! Golf Cart Day!!!

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