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Jan 8-14th, good, great, and the crappy

Date: 1/28/2007

I won't bore you with the details, since the trip was basically as follows:
get up with sunrise
shower, shave and whatnot
catch taxi to centro
eat breakfast
swim on playa norte
sit under coconut tree
have lunch on beach
sit under coconut tree and drink margaritas
walk to centro to eat dinner
catch taxi to Casa Sol del Sol
none of your business

Anywho, I thought I'd hit the highlights.

Yoga at Elements of the Island - This is seriously the best $10 US you can spend on the island. It's not physically difficult and it's a lot more relaxing than two margaritas. Just don't have a big breakfast before.

Poc Chuc - Cheap and great

Ziggy at Playa Sol - He made my pregnant wife's trip by suggesting an alcohol free pina colada. She was feeling really left out.

Playa Launcheros - Still the best fish I've ever had. The beach dog wouldn't eat it though. I guess he's had enough and is ready for some steak.


French Bistro - good service, good food, excellent prices

Casa Sol del Sol - really nice, a bit farther from Cetnro than I'd like, though.

Zama Beach Club - good food, good service, nice place to hang out.


AVI for airport transfers. Just say no. Seriously.

"Asian" food at Bamboo - really crappy.

You can see the rest of the photos at Flickr -

Laters - ATX-Solman

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