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Here Goes Nothing...Life is a beach April 11, 2008

By: sandybunz (View Profile)
Date: 8/13/2011

We let the maid clean the room and went to hang at the pool for a bit. The feeling of sadness creeps in for our last day at this place. Shades of feelings to come on the very last day perhaps, but we wont waste our time with that now!!! Ate pork chops and eggs before heading down to the beach with our tunes. We are feeling no guilt for not going out and being busy with stuff every day. We are fortunate to have plenty of time for that. Right now we are enjoying peace and quiet, and each other. Something that our hectic work a day world back in the states rarely allows us.

Hector, his boys and parents are back for the weekend and apparently in the penthouse above us. Pool toys strewn around, childrens cries ring out once again. Since we dont have any dinner food, we decide to try the Almar Lounge at the Casa de Los Suenos, which is a swanky spa hotel up the street a few paces. Lovely ambiance but do not find it as good in the food and service categories as Casa Os for the same price. I had red curry shrimps with tofu, and John had some kind of lime sauced chicken. The sauce was very strong to my taste. Had great ice cream with blackberries and what we thought was decaf coffee. After lying awake all night and John shouting out that he was going to go over and kill the waiter...we snoozed a little. Talking to Hectors father, an engaging handsome older gentleman, John recounted the story of how wed asked to see the wine list but the waiter never did ask us if we wanted to order the wine and just reclaimed the list! Hectors dad said, "You asked for the wine list and he brought it, you did not ask for any wine!" hahaha! true enough. I did find a little tabby kitten outside our villa the size of our cat at home. She was so sweet and purring and I couldnt help but pet her. She proceeded to follow us all the way to our room! Oh no...after about 15 minutes she was still outside meowing at the door. Made me sad and guilty...wish I knew what I could do and probably should have taken her to the shelter but just didnt know at the time. Didnt take any pictures today....tomorrow is moving day to Casa Mar Turquesa on the Caribbean side....

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