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Isla Mujeres 2006 Trip Report - Day 9-10

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 4/29/2006

Isla Mujeres 2006

Day 9-10 – March 1-2

“24 Hours Without Isla Makes The Heart Sad!”

Day 9 – March 1

After far too little sleep the alarm wakes us just after 5am. Yuck! The eyelids and body are not responding well today! We are off on a short excursion today to meet up with Vince’s mom who has been on a Culinary Tour of the Yucatan for the past 10 days. She will be coming back to Isla Mujeres with us to spend a few days. As I hobble to the shower in the darkness, I look forward to the day when I am a mother-in-law and someone will be doing this for me…teehee

By the time I’m dressed the sun is on its way up….

Looks like we’re going to miss a beautiful day…

With an overnight bag quickly packed we are on the 6:30am ferry. It was reassuring to buy a ‘return ticket’.

We take in the early morning views of Isla Mujeres as the ferry departs…

A few hours later we meet up with LaVerne, the m-i-l, and are happy to hear that she has survived her ‘tour’. Her tour group invites us to join them for their final dinner….I had a grilled garlic fillet wrapped in banana leaves…

Lights are out early after a very long day….

Day 10 – March 2

We are up with the sun once again and find another glorious day awaits us…

Catching a ride with the tour van we are back on Isla soil by noon. Oh, it feels good to be ‘home’! It’s sunny when we arrive and LaVerne enjoys her first views of Isla Mujeres, but the sun won’t last long! The tour actually began on Isla Mujeres but due to flight delays she only saw Isla for a few hours, so it’s all new to her. After reading all my trip reports from the past few years, she is eager to meet Ino at the Roca Mar. And there he is, with key in hand…’Welcome to the Roca Mar Nuthouse’. Perfectly said, Ino!

We leave her to quickly settle in her room as all our tummies are growling. Off to M & J’s to see if they are still open. A late brunch sounds good! Pedro welcomes us but when we introduce him to LaVerne, he has trouble with her name, so she will now be known as ‘Mama’. That name stuck for the next few days! We find a table and food is ordered. Vince had fried eggs with ham; LaVerne had crepes with asparagus and ham, and I had fried eggs with cheese and bacon, and of course ‘mashbrowns’.

It was all very yummy but part way through our meal, it starts to rain. The skies are really getting gray and dark, so it looks like any exploring is off this afternoon. It should blow over in an hour or so. Yeah, right! After filling our tummies and buying several of Pedro’s wife’s necklaces and bracelets, we hurry back to the room between raindrops.

Soon, it is pouring very hard and then the thunder and lightning begins. Wooo…are we in for a storm today!

It’s not letting up anytime soon, so we settle in with books and snacks for the rest of the afternoon…

The storm lasts for hours and the thunder booms right overhead a few times, scaring the heck out of us!

It finally calmed down and what do we see….just a tiny glimpse of a rainbow…

We all shower and get ready for dinner in hopes that the rain will stop. By 8 we are meandering through the puddles and decide to stop in at Pizza Rolandi for dinner. We enjoy a few margaritas and some good pizzas…

Since it isn’t raining we decide to wander the rest of Hidalgo in hopes of finding some amigos. No one is around! The street is full of puddles but empty of people. Everyone must have gone into hiding with this storm! We settle on lime popsicles for dessert and make our way back home. It’s a good excuse to go to bed early and catch up on some much-needed sleep. No sooner do we return home than the rain, thunder and lightning show begins anew. The lightning lights up our room like a neon sign! The rain is coming down hard and we had to do some mopping up when the water came creeping into the room. We always have one really good storm when we’re on Isla…at least this time we weren’t on a golf cart! By 11, our lights are out and we try to fall into a slumber with the waves pounding, rain falling and thunder banging. The sun will be back out tomorrow, right?!

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