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Master List for-kitchen,clothes,first aid stuff

By: islandgirl2 (View Profile)
Date: 5/22/2010

For those DIY-selfers..
I grew up on a very small island. Stores were few and far between,and didnt always have everything you needed. Sound familiar?
Glean what you will from my lists, rather than wsting time combing thru stores looking for stuff, Id rather be at the beach. Alot of items can be found in second hand stores,or the new invention of Dollar stores!..
I am noticing that more and more,stores in Mexico are better stocked...
Since Isla is a holiday destination,and alot of locals come over for a day picnic,you will find alot of what you need in the local stores.
I leave alot of stuff behind for other hotel mates,or the maids to take home.
All fits into the 19" wheelie bag.But due to the new regulations, I now have to check the bag when flying..oh well..
The Utility pouch-AKAthe junk drawer"

sink plug or flap
pieces of foil
twist ties-a few
zap straps-a few
elastics-just a few
glue,white,or glue stick
scotch tape
fishing line/string
wire-just a bit
pins-safety type
clothespins-a couple 4-5
SOG multi tool/or Swiss army knife with bottle opener!
cards-dice-for games
Felt pen-sharpie

The Kitchen Stuff

veggie peeler
cheap knife,maybe 2,one big enough to cut pina
cutting board-small
small electric kettle,with 3 prong adapter.Plugs in MX tend to be 2 prong.
coffee cup
coffee filter holder and filters-hard to find these anywhere in MX!!!
plastic containers with lids-for picnic lunches,breakfast can buy these in MX now
cooler bag for picnics-small folding type
towels(2)-small one for washing dishes,another for putting clean dishes on to dry.Later,can be used for packing.
scrubbie/SOS pad
dish soap-in a small container-enough to wash a few plates everyday is all you need.
laundry detergent-in a ziplock,for washing out clothes
or those new spot remover pens-they work great!
barsoap-just one,the soap in MX tends to be highly scented,and melts fast!
tealights/travelcandle-you can buy the jar candles locally too
plastic bags-LOTS!..all sizes of ziplocs
spoons and forks-4 of each for 2 people
oatmeal-couple of pouches of instant..great for that first morning

Other Essentials

IPOD etc
batteries for all
Spanish/english dictionary

First Aid kit

Immodium, Tums, Pepto
alcohol swabs-and Wet ones(baby wipes)
tweezers-for slivers!or urchin spines
cortizone cream-first aid ointment
ammonia-in a very small container,takes the itch out of mosquito bites,wasp stings etc.
prescri-ptions-bring extra in case of delays getting home


bathing suit(s)
shorts-2 pairs
tops-4 tank type or Tshirts
1-2 coverup shirts,one for swimming,snorkelling
3-4 loose fitting shirts
underwear-5-10 pairs-depends on how much you wear them,as on Isla you tend to be in your bathing suit most of the time
sandals-2 pairs
runners-wear these on way down. Good if you plan on doing any serious walking on the island
dress..and for you men..something clean for evening?

facecloth-mexican hotels generally dont supply these
beach towel



moisterizers,lotions-travel sizes
facial soap if needed
cotton balls/pads
Wet ones
toothbrush and paste
chapstick-wtih sunscreen in it

If you think of something else that could be invaluable to a relaxing holiday,please add to the list!
Im always interested in what others have found useful over the years..

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