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Days 5 and 6 Trip reports

By: Kasha68 (View Profile)
Date: 3/11/2010

Day 5: well, today is the day we rented a golf cart. It was too windy to do much else, and the President of Mexico was coming to the Island, so we figured it might be a good time to have wheels.

We started the morning out with Breakfast at the French Bistro--this is a wonderful breakfast. A little more money, but you sure get good food and a lot to eat. After breakfast we meandered around until the golf carts opened up at 9am. We ended up renting our from Moeur on the main Isla road, across from the gas station. It took a while to get the cart because the man who had the keys overslept. We eventually got the cart, paid 42.00 for the day (9-5pm) and away we went.

We started out heading South, with the mapchick maps in hand, to try to find all of the fun places they suggested. We missed most of them, but found some of our own. We drove south, stopping where we thought there would be an interesting site, or someplace fun. My boyfriend was curious about the firestation on the island, as he is in the fire business, so we looked around for it in la gloria colonia. Found the Red Cross and thought the firestation was there, but there wasnt anyone around, nor any trucks--we found out why later--so we continued on our way.

Sights we saw: Drove by Garaffon park--wouldnt pay the $50 pp to go in, but would have paid to enter into the smaller park just past it--but it was WAY too windy to be sitting on the beach, so we just looked and said "maybe next time". Went by the floating house made of plastic bottles--nothing spectacular, but interesting concept to see. Stopped and toured around the lighthouse area (I think by by Punta Sur?). The point is beautiful--wish they wouldnt have put up the ugly metal sculptures--kind of ruins the natural beauty of the place. Next stop: The bar/hotel where the "beer is so cold it will crack your teeth" sign. Was a cute bar, very relaxing and fun to sit in the swings and visit. We stoppod along the Conch Beach area to look for shells--this was a fun little side trip. This is near the airport and isnt marked with signs--we got the information from Mapchicks map. Was fun to search for shells and we gathered some up to take home. By this time we were getting hungry, so we decided to head to Soggy Pesos--what a fun little bar! We passed it once and couldnt figure out parking, but then went by again and saw there are just a few parking spots so we pulled in. I followed the signs and in we walked to the bar--didnt expect a swimming pool in the middle of it! Good thing I hadnt had anything to drink yet! It was extremely windy and kind of chilly, even though they put down their plastic windbreakers in the bar. We had the shrimp tacos and they were so very good. I would highly recommend visiting Soggy Pesos. Kash, our host, was very friendly and made us feel very welcome.

Off we go to our hotel to drop off our snorkeling stuff because as I mentioned, it was WAY too windy to snorkel. After we dropped off our stuff, we decided to head around the island again--on our way out, we noticed a fire truck and ambulance/red cross truck parked across from the navy base. They were on standby for the Presidents arrival. We stopped and visited with the firefighters/red cross folks and they were gracious enough for us to take some photos. We figured out why no one was at the firestation in la gloria--they were all there on standby!

We continued on our journey and stopped along the way to take in the sight (near garaffon park again) and when we were there, a family from England asked if we could help them start their golf cart because they couldnt get it started. So, my boyfriend tried, but it looked like their battery was dead. We ended up giving the mom and son a ride back into town to their golf rental place. The rental place seemed very accomodating and said they would exchange the golf cart and drive them back to where the other cart was. A small hassle for the family, but they were able to quickly get the situation fixed.

Okay, so we headed back south AGAIN and just toured around the different colonias. We decided next time we will park and walk around the towns, maybe grabbing a bite to eat at some recommended places there.

I should say that when we were driving around, on almost every corner there was military presence, or law enforcement. It was interesting to see them standing around with their M-16s. Felt a little strange, but was interesting to see. The guards seemed very attentive and watched us closely as we drove by.

We dropped off our cart a little before 5pm, then walked around and did some shopping for family and friends (and ourselves!). We bought the soccer shirts for the kids, then a silber bracelet for me and a cigar for my boyfriend for later. Then to the hotel to take a little siesta before heading out.

For dinner, we ate a small corner restaurant--I am unsure of the name, but it was just down a block from Angelos. I had the cajun shrimp and my boyfriend had the chicken lime soup and tacos. Both meals were good. Not stellar, but the two gentlemen that seemed to be running the place were very attentive and tried to do what they could to make sure our dinner was pleasant. I think they must have an arrangement with the restaurant next door, because when I ordered a mojito, I noticed they went next door and got it. The bill was only around 150pesos, so very cheap for food and drink. After dinner we walked a bit, then decided to head to Miquels to listen to some music. Tips or Sex was playing at Miquels--they are a great band to listen to. A lot of fun. I stuck to Sol tonight instead of Pom margaritas. We had a few drinks, my boyfriend had his cigar--one of the best he has had he said-- then headed off to bed as we were a bit tired--this vacationing stuff is tiring. Eat, drink, Sun, Walk, Repeat.

Day 6: Another semi-windy day, but seemed warmer. We tried Angelinas for breakfast--by the public market--there are 4 different little breakfast places all set up under one room. The breakfasts here I thought were the best that I ate--but French Bistro was a close 2nd. I ordered Mexican eggs and French Toast and Bacon and they were all wonderful. Fresh OJ again--which I miss terribly! The brewed coffee wasnt ready yet so I think they gave us some instant stuff, which was fine, whatever..we are on vacation, so we dont sweat the small stuff.

After breakfast, we walked around, heading over to the boardwalk. It was windy on that side, so we came back and walked through town. Decided to get out of the wind and hang by the hotel pool to catch more rays.

Lunch was a the chicken rotisserie spot in town. Good chicken. We split a whole chicken. It came with lots of sides, and we got stuffed. Enjoyed just sitting back and watching the people walk by.

After lunch, more pool time and a little more shopping.

Dinner was Rolandis pizza in downtown. It was really busy and rather cold out in the evening, so we decided to sit inside. Because of the crowds, it was kind of hard to hear one another talk. The food was good, but not sure I would eat pizza again when in Mexico--just because there are so many other great places to eat with a more local-type taste. I didnt realize it was a chain restaurant and that they have restaurants in other parts of Mexico--that turned me off a bit--who wants to eat at a chain restaurant when on an island? But it was tasty--they did give us the wrong pizza--pepperoni instead of garlic, roma tomatoes and basil, but whatever. We also had a spicier pizza with mexican sausage and jalapeno--that was tasty.

After dinner we went to Don Chepos for coffee and flan. I love creme brulee, so this was just up my alley! Early to bed as the night before we had drunk, noisy neighbors that arrived back to the hotel at 4am.

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