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Day 1 arrival in Cancun Airport

By: Sawdust (View Profile)
Date: 2/25/2007

This was our 3rd trip to Isla,so not unfamiliar with how things work. Even so was quite an experience. We arrived in Cancun on the 10th of Feb. It is not just raining it is RAINING pitch forks and hammer handles. We get off the plane and walk down the stairs and then run for the waiting bus. We get through customs in short order.....Now for the luggage. They are standing 6 deep around the carosel. It is not only our plane's luggage but also another one. 1 and a half hours latter we get our bags. Now to find our transportation to the ferry. This is furnished for free by Avalon. Just try and find them...we are playing hide and seek. So I get a porter to find them. Of course he wants to carry our bags so OK. He finds Avalon Trans. and I tip him for his service. Now the guy from Avalon says 15 minutes and we will go. Sure....1 hour and 20 minutes later...I went up to him and said we are only here for 1 week. I get this look that lets me know that I can't put down in my trip report. Any way soon after the van arrives. Great we are finally on our way. Soon every thing will be perfect. Well almost.... We get to the ferry dock and I tip the driver for his services. As I am doing this my bags are being loaded on a hand truck to be pushed down to the ferry. Oh well whats another tip? Now I should mention there are 4 of us and 5 bags. I am trying to show my brother-in-law and his wife how great this will be for them.
So they decided to get some Sol while waiting for the ferry. It finally has stoped raining. We get on the ferry and the girls go in side....but I want to show my brother-in-law how great it is to see Isla for the first time from top side of the ferry. My wife says she would rather go inside. We were only a couple hundred yards from the dock when the wind came up and down comes the rain. We go in side trying our best to avoid the (I told you so looks) from our wives. When we pull up to the dock on Isla It is raining even harder. We get under cover at the end of the dock,good for now. But the next groupe of people going to Cancun are now boarding. Our bags are still on board. So I walk down the L o n g dock back to the ferry and try to get my hands on our bags. I get 2 of the five and see 2 others headed for the dock on a hand truck. Still 1 more to track down. Back I go down the L o n g dock in the rain and get the last rotten little bag. When I get back under cover again now the porter wants a tip for his services. I told him that I carried 3 of the 5 bags myself so only tiped him 2 bucks. Now we must get a taxi to the Avalon. Water is up over the curb at this point so I find a way around the back to the cab stand and wait in line and in the rain for the next available cab. Oboy here comes one and it is a large one too. At the last second some one else took it. The next one had to have shrunk in the rain. It was about the size of a gulf cart. The driver could get only 4 of the bags in his trunk. The other three people squeezed in to the back and I and bag #5 jamed into the front seat. We are on our way...Finally. The cab driver is pushing water with his front bumper...I am wishing for a pontoon boat to come by and rescue us. But we make it to the Avalon and get out of that very small cab and get our 5 bags. Of course I tip the driver for his sevices. Now here comes a bell boy to get our bags. After checking in that went very fast and easy. We were given a tall ice cold drink. Very thoughtful of them but hot coffee would have been more in order.We went to our rooms (villas) and they were as always great. Soon after our bags come and of course I tip the bell boy for his services. Oh I almost forgot,they use those cards that you slip into the door to unlock it..... I had my brother-in-laws and he had mine so just a little wetter. But they had given umbrellas to the girls. Of course I made the mistake of telling our two guests that don't worry about the rain,many times you can be standing on Isla and it is raining only in Cancun but the sun is shining on our great little island. Eating crow isn't all that bad with the right seasoning. Day Two will follow soon,and it was much better. I never count the day Of arrival or the day of least any more.

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