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Trip report - SATURDAY 3/31

By: kkbrenk (View Profile)
Date: 4/8/2007

Trip #3 for us, and we are READY. Hubby - Jeff and 5yo daughter - Kenyon have been counting down since the 1st of the year, marking days off the calendar… And we’re off!

We arrive in CUN from DEN, no issues, a little wait for the teminal shuttle, but we walk right on the bus to taxi to ferry. Boat underway and Kenyon immediately exclaims “LOOK, the blue water Mama, it’s what you’ve been waiting and waiting to see!”. The breeze is wonderful, I can feel it blowing away the stress.

On the island at 1pm, we hoof it the few blocks to Sabina’s. A note on the gate with check-in instructions, now I know I’m on island! We get settled and head to the Carribean Queen. Best service of our entire trip from Jose (the shorter one, not the tall one). He speaks ~0~ English, but we muddle through. He is just fantastic, not only anticipates when Jeff will need another cervesa, but removed the old from the zip coozie and replaced. Kenyon does not leave the water for at least 2 hours.

Back to the room to clean up. We’d decided to eat less at more places so we could try a greater variety, so we head to Bally Hoo for shrimp tacos and guac. We love the food and the location. After it’s ice cream and a volleyball game at the square. After waking at O’dark Thirty – Kenyon is pooped, so we head back to the room. I get her settled and Jeff heads down to Poc Chuc for garlic fish para llevar. It was good eats - not spectacular, but good.

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