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VPS/Villas Punta Sur review

By: Isladreamernow (View Profile)
Date: 6/17/2008

It is pretty quiet at night, but during the day there is major construction going on right next door and is pretty noisy. There is no air Conditioning and I decided that I am in FULL agreement with Homebrew that is a HUGE issue!!!! I am from Mississippi and am very used to heat, but, trying to sleep at night is really hard when you are sweating bullets and worried about leaving the windows open, not to mention getting out of a cold shower and not being able to dry off because the sweat is pouring off of you faster than you can dry off. The Shower!! Oh my!! We were in #4 and had ZERO water pressure and I mean ZERO. I dont think I really rinsed my hair one time in 7 days....the toilet had the same issue , so if you flushed , you could not flush again for 30 minutes. However we kept a pot in the bathroom and used it to get water from the bathroom sink to fill the toilet tank back up, to flush. My sister and her family were in #1 qand they had better water pressure. We were told by the owner that it like that everywhere on Isla, but were told by others that this is not the truth. One person told us that a Hydro Pump can solve the problem. The pool was great. Very clean and refreshing. I was very tempted to just jump in with a bar of soap and my shampoo and take my bath right there, hey at least I could rinse off that way. At night you can hear the waves crashing on the rocks all the way from the balcony and the pool. The birds are loud in the morning, but not a problem, just a little reminder that the sun is up and you have already missed the sunrise so it is time to get your but out of bed. the gardens are beautiful. We took advantage of the palapa area and ate out there as well as relaxed in the hammocks to read. The Kitchen is great. It was nice to cook breakfast and eat right there on the balcony while listening to the waves. You only get towels every other day, and in the humidity and lack of air conditoning, they never get dry, so they tend to be kind of musty smelling after the 1st use. You can walk right accross the street and have a beautiful morning or evening stroll with the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks. Now I am not complaining..... I was on Isla and it was wonderful. We could have left, but decided to stick it out. not to mention that everytime you go to town you have to pass by the squaters village and realize how great you really have it!!!! I will be back to Isla, but as I mentioned already...... I am with HB on this one!!!! I will have AIR CONDITIONING......... and hopefully water pressure.

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