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By: sheepdog3 (View Profile)
Date: 1/21/2011

I got up at 5:30am dispite only having 5 hours sleep. I was excited to see my 1st Isla sunrise. I cleaned up, while my coffee was brewing, poured a cup, and went out by the villas behind the Avalon to wait for the sunrise to come. As I saw it starting to rise from the sea, I couldnt let Deb miss this. I wanted to share this with her. I woke her, and we both went down outside on the back deck leading to the stairs of the Avalon to watch. We got there just in time for all the beauty of it. A wonderful start to our 1st full day on Isla.

We then headed downtown to Rooster. Jimbo told us last night at Jax that they had great food. They did, (thanks Jimbo). Deb had eggs, pancakes, fried potatoes, and orange juice. I had eggs, bacon, potatoes, and coffee. It was fairly expensive, but really good. It cost 270 pesos with the tip.

Next we headed to the market for the fresh squeezed orange juice. We found the lady and her children and were about to order an extra large container to last us for a few days. A lady customer said ,oh you have to try the mandarin juice it is fabulous. They gave Deb a tiny taste and she was hooked. So we bought a medium mandarin and a large orange juice. Then Deb went to a man who sold fruits and veggies and bought a wedge of watermelon. He cut it and wrapped it for her to take to the beach. Very nice people everywhere on the island. Last summer there were venders with fruit on every corner and I didnt see any this year.

I headed back to the Avalon, while Deb went over to Sergios playa sol. I was going back to our room to get the beach bag, towels, and more money for drinks. I walked for quite a long way, til I realized,I must have missed playa sol. As I rounded the corner of the downtown area, I stopped to ask a young man where Sergios was. The guy spoke no english, but I understood what he said. I then walked back the 12 blocks or so, ( yeah, Im a dumb ass). With cuts on both feet from my sandals, (at this point) from all the walking, I rounded playa sol, when I heard a guy yelling his head off. For some reason I looked over at him, and he was signaling for me, and pointing to Deb. As I got closer I could see that everyone knows who Joe is. I throw out one of my favorite lines from the John Candy
movie(Summer Rental) "I told you Id find Florida.

After the 60 peso drink we were so privileged to buy, I told Deb, this beach isnt anywhere near as good as the Avalon, and it wasnt. We headed back to the Avalon for the rest of the day. Please note that this decision to leave Sergios playa sol, had nothing to do with the price of the drink, although it did contribute to it. I just really like the beach at the Avalon waaaay better!! Plus they dont have Pacifico beer either!

We laid on the beach for a while, talking with some Canadian people we had met the day before. Nice people, who were staying for 3 weeks. I was doing my best impression of the Corona commercial,(take your pick) with a cooler filled with Pacifico, ice cold. Deb ate her watermelon and drank the rest of her manderin juice. Deb and I did some snorkeling later, of course waiting a half hour before going in the water after eating. Oh whooop;s, I didnt eat. I meant waited until I got back from the bathroom.

We saw a pretty big scorpion fish, really cool, 2 different sting rays. One was white with black spots, and the other one was sand colored. We saw 3 star fish 1 big 2 smaller also sargent majors , we also saw blue tangs and parrot fish. Lots of young fish like grunts yellow fine snappers and such. We also saw full grow wrasses. We both went up to the room. While Deb was getting ready to go out for dinner, I went down to take pictures of the sunset. As soon as we find out how to add these photos, we will!

We walked downtown, and got a taxi to Chuuk Kay restaurant. We had read on the board how great the food was. We got there, and they had the Colts/Jets game on. Being from Baltimore, I was hoping the Jets would win. Now to our dinner. Deb had the now famous coconut shrimp served in a coconut shell, and I got the Tix n Chix fish. They cooked the fish on the grill about 15 feet from where we were sitting. The smoke was going all over the restaurant. It was wonderful. On the way back to the main road to get a taxi back to the Avalon, we met some local people sitting out for the evening. They had their dogs out there with them, and of course Deb and I had to stop and pet them. Truly friendly people. It made us think of our sheepdog Rigby (as in Eleanor) at home waiting for us. The taxi driver had his wife and their little girl in the front seat. She was so cute. These people are so friendly. We went to bed, looking forward to snorkeling at the Kings Bath, and trying other beaches. We slept well.

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