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Trip Report March 14th - 22nd Three Sisters from CT (Newbies)

By: Jacquie (View Profile)
Date: 3/30/2007

Uneventful flights, except I want to say what a great airport Dallas/Ft Worth is. You can get from one terminal to another in minutes with their tram. We had Cancun Valet pick us up and then were whisked off to the ferry. I understand now about the love many of you have for the ferry. Once you are onto the open water, you know you are truly on vacation and going to a very special destination.

We stayed at Cabanas Maria del Mar, close to town and right on the beach. The room was fine except for the lack of a bureau so we had to live out of our suitcases, which for one of us, was a real problem because she has so much stuff! The air conditioner, when it cycled on, was extremely loud and even with ear plugs, woke us up. We got the hang of it later in the week though: we cranked the air all day so the room was good and cold, then turned it down so only the fan was running and turned on the overhead paddle fan. The only real complaint I have about the hotel was with the little old man who got the beach chairs and umbrellas. He overcharged us twice ($35 instead of $20) and then accused us of underpaying him. When we went to speak to a Manager, he stuck up for his employee. We made sure the next time to only give him the 200 pesos, get the proper receipts and made sure he tagged everything. We found the toast, coffee, fresh OJ provided by Maria del Mar to be more than adequate for breakfast so we never ate breakfast out.

We ate at Playa Sol a few times, loved the fish tacos, the almond crusted red snapper and of course, Ziggy. We wished they would offer more kinds of beer than just Sol and Dos Equis, though. We tried and liked Modelo Negro and Modelo Especial elsewhere and we found Heineken at the grocery store.

We had lunch at Zazil Ha and the shrimp ceviche and grapefruit/green salad were excellent, but the fish for the fish tacos were breaded and fried, not good. They make a terrific margarita though and found this to be one of the few places that put a generous amount of liquor in their drinks. I actually had to go back to the room and nap after two Margaritas. Picus served a good shrimp ceviche but we weren't thrilled with our other entrees. We had good fish in green sauce at Freddy's, pretty good nachos at Sunset Grill, good grouper Vera Cruz style at Don Chepo's, good tequila shrimp at Brisas del Caribe, great Tik N Chix at Playa Lancheros and a very expensive and very disappointing dinner at Casa Rolandi. We planned to blow it all out on a nice dinner for our last night on the island, so we made reservations and went to view the sunset from their patio. We had the tri-color salad and salmon carpaccio which were very good, however all three of our entrees were not good. I had the mushroom stuffed ravioli in truffle sauce which I did not like at all, the linguini with shrimp was way over salted and the fish with parsley was a pathetic little piece of fish covered with an inch of cooked parsley. Dinner was $200 American.

We went out with Captain Tony to Contoy and had a terrific time. Going out was a little scary as the winds were blowing and the waves were swelling up to three feet, but other than getting soaked, no one had a problem. Tony cooked us a great lunch which was delicious and we enjoyed the snorkeling and the beauty and wildlife of the island very much. The hermit crabs and iguanas really liked his cooking too.

We rented a golf cart one day to tool around the island and we found the place with the sign "Ice so cold, it'll make your teeth hurt". Can anyone tell us the name of this place? They came out with the scented, cold towels as indicated by another poster on the Board. Heavenly. Does anyone know what the towels are scented with? We visited the Punta Sur park, paid the $3 to see the sculptures, which we think are sort of out of place, but wow, what a beautiful spot!

After all the warnings, we never were approached by even one timeshare salesperson and the beach vendors and downtown vendors all took our "no gracias" graciously (except the drunken hat guy).

We'll be back next year.

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