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First car ferry trip to Isla 2002

By: sheepdog3 (View Profile)
Date: 1/26/2010

We were staying in Cancun at a hotal there and wanted to do a day trip on Isla. We had been to Isla several times as day trippers and wanted to not lose an hour on the bus just getting to the ferry. We also didnt want to have to carry our snorkle gear and chamge of clothes around. We brought a couple of beers and sodas in a cooler and some towels and though we were good to go. Well They loaded us on the ferry so that we couldnt get out of our doors or windows!! It was so hot and they take a long time to load the ferry. The cooler was in the trunk so we couldnt even get a cool drink. We would have gotten there quicker by the bus and then the ferry at grand puerto. Finally we got to the island. We went to Garrafon Castille and snorkled. Then I handed my underwater camera to my husband to put in the locker while I swam a little since my neck hurt a little from the life jacket and trying to take the perfect picture. When I finished up swimming my husband said no hurry he had enjoyed the beautiful electric blue of the bay of Isla and drank a few beers. I got dried and we got in the car. Then I asked him for my camera. He said what do you mean? I said it wasnt in the locker so you must have it in your pocket. He put the car in reverse went back into the Garrafon Castille and looked for it on the dock, in the water , and at the office. They said no one had turned it in. He said he either forgot and laid it on the dock or dropped it in the water on the way to the steps to get out of the water. This was at least 7 years ago and it was only a 3 mega pixel camera. But back then they cost so much and we lost all of our Isla pictures too! We ate at Playa Luncheros our favorite place for tic and chix , and we fed the fish at playa norte the left over taco shells in front of Na balm and then floated under the bridge out to the front of Na Balm. I hope that the beach comes back and you can do the floating again that was so calm and relaxing. We also went for a swim at kings pool.I was afraid at first because the waves seemed to be coming in pretty hard and I thought we might get hurt against the rocks. We didt have our water shoes on so by this time my feet were sore and my legs swollen and burnt!!! We left after a couple of beers at one of the swing bars I dont remember which one. I bought a few tee shirts with turtles on then that said Isla mujeres.,and we drove to the ferry to be 2nd in line so we wouldnt get caught in the car again. The trips there since have been better planned. We never rented a car again. Golf carts only! We try to find shade and use more sun block as it is even hotter on Isla than on Cancun! We buy beer or soda as we need it and use the snorkle gear from the boat we get our trips from so we dont have to carry it around all day. This summer We will stay overnight on Isla, and if we like it the next time we will stay more nights here. mexicoturtle and sheepdog

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