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Ann and Sue's Isla adventure 2008 - Part 7

By: MNAnn (View Profile)
Date: 4/8/2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Wow…I slept late! It was actually after 9 am when I woke up. Wouldn’t you know it would take until the last days of my vacation before I got out of ‘early bird’ mode? Since this is our last day on the island, and we need to catch an 8:30 ferry in the morning, we did some preliminary packing, just leaving out what we were going to need for the next 24 hours.

Then it was off to Centro to do a little shopping for the last few items we needed to take home, and then it was beach time! It’s another beautiful sunny day and we were determined to enjoy our last beach day as much a possible! We headed back to Sunset Grill and were lucky enough to grab the last available chairs. Demetrio told us that they would be closing about 3 pm because there was going to be a private party. Over the next few hours, several people came by and asked about getting chairs (there was a stack of them between us and the restaurant.) but they were all told the same thing...”We’re closing for a wedding.” Susan, who we met the night before, came by and sweet talked David (they are long-time acquaintances) into letting her have a chair by us. Soon, another one of Susan’s friends, Mariano, came along selling his beautiful ankle bracelets and other jewelry. I bought a matching necklace and anklet, and a coconut necklace for my son. Sue found a couple pieces that she liked as well. Mariano is an absolute sweetheart and I’d buy from him again in a heartbeat!

Susan’s husband, Mike, joined us and he and I talked about diving for quite a while. He was interested in hearing about my dives this week, and about Cozumel dives I’d done. I wanted to hear all about his experiences diving Belize. It was a very enjoyable afternoon visiting with them and the time flew by. Soon, David came by to ask us to settle our tab, as they needed to finish preparations for the wedding. Mike and Susan invited us to stop by for the rooftop party at their rental that evening. We said we’d try to make it, and then all went on our way.

Since we hadn’t eaten yet today, Sue and I looked for someplace to have a late lunch. We kind of wanted to try someplace we hadn’t yet been, and ended up at Amigos . This turned out to be a great choice! Sue had the lasagna bolonese, which came with that amazing puff bread. I just had to have Sopa de Lima one more time. That, along with a cheese quesadilla, was more than enough to fill me up! Once again, great food, good service, and reasonable prices! Amigos definitely earned a place on our ‘must eat’ list!!

Back to Villa Vera to shower off the sand and salt water one last time. It was starting to set in that this was our last evening and we were both kind of quiet. We both read for a while, and I finished packing the last of my dive gear which had finally dried. Back in town, we wandered up and down Hidalgo for a bit, and then landed at Miguel’s, of course!!

Alfredo and Jorge were playing at Miguel’s again, and we enjoyed their music and visited with them between sets. Miguel hadn’t gotten in his order of La Pinta that day, so he was running low. Next thing you know, he set about 10 empty La Pinta bottles on the bar in front of Sue and I, and announced to the other guests that it was all our fault!! Gotta love him! We had an early morning and a long day ahead of us, so we were sticking to Sol that evening anyway. That is, until Miguel told us that he was making something special just for us….Mayan Sacrifices! Oh boy….it was fun to watch him fill the shots and light them on fire, and they tasted good, but one was enough!

We stayed until Alfredo and Jorge finished their last set, and then said our farewells. It was hard to leave, but we did so knowing that we had made some very good friends, and that when we return, we’ll be greeted with those beautiful warm smiles.

A short cab ride and we were back at the hotel. One last sleep at Villa Vera before heading back to Minnesota in the morning…

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