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Ang and Dale's Trip Day FIVE !

By: Angndale (View Profile)
Date: 10/4/2005

Woke up to a beautiful day! It was raining in Cancun..ha ha!! We ate breakfast at Pinguino's. They have good hotcakes with fruit and ham for pretty cheap. 350 pesos.
We did our favorite Isla thing of watching the people go by, watching the little old man sweep the sidewalk next to the beach, and hope beyond all hope that the Navy guys will come jogging by! not today..
We took our daily trip to the bank for Pesos. They know us by our first names by now.
We walked over to the sea wall. Glad to see they are starting to rebuild it now, but they still havent done much repairing since we were there after Ivan last year. We walked south along the broken sea wall and walkway till we found a crack big enough to get through and go down to the coral rocks below. We spent a long time there watching the waves and collecting shells.
Then we went to town for drinks and ice cream. There are these wonderful little ice creams you can get at some of the stores called "chimesse", but we could only find it at the Artesan Gallery. It's on a stick and it's pineapple on the outside and Coconut on the inside. YUM!! Can get really addicted to those.
We went to Picus for lunch. No Pina Coladas for some reason, so we had beer and ceviche. I think the bartender was on strike.
Then we went back to the castle (Posada Del Mar) and went swimming in the pool. We have never been in the pool there before! It was nice and cool. That's where we met "Hairnazi"!! She was so nice. Her real name is Pam. We had a lot of fun talking to her and the time just flew. Before we knew it we were shrivelled up prunes, and it was time for our daily nap. We told her to meet us tonite at the Sunset Grill at Sunset! Hope she makes it.
We almost overslept! We woke up just in time to make it over to the Sunset Grill for the Sunset. This is our tradition. The last night on the island is always spent there watching the sunset and sipping pina coladas. I had a regular pina colada and a banana colada too. They were great. Best on the island, and I did some comparing!
Then a guy comes over to our table and asks if we are Dale and Ang? It was Patsee and Monty from the board! They were great and they joined us as well and Pam and her friend Bonnie. Turns out that Patsee and Monty only live a couple of hours from us back in Oklahoma! No way! It's a small world. We all had the best time.
Then we went to Fayne's for dinner. There is a funny story in here about what happened to Patsee and Monty on the way, but I'll let them tell it! It's priceless though. A great dinner as always.
We parted ways with Patsee and Monty after dinner and Dale and I went in search of dessert. We stopped at Amigos and had a crepe suzette. They are building a bar right beside Amigo's. I had noticed it all week. The guy who is the owner or co owner was there and he was obviously American, so he started up a conversation with him. His name is Chad and he's from Alabama. What a charachter! He's super nice. Turned out after talking to him (and yes, it's still a small small world) that he and Dale worked for the same company in Tulsa! No way!! But true! Next thing we know he's cranked up the radio in the bar (still under construction) and is playing "Sweet Home Alabama". Then he shows up with a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey and two shot glasses. He said he's been waiting for just the right moment and this is it, and we are his first customers even before the bar is finished. He pours us two glasses and takes off to oversee the workers again. Well, Dale should have told me that just because it's in a shot glass doesnt mean it's really a shot! He takes a little sip of his, and I throw mine down like a real woman! I think I burned the lining of my esophagus. I had tears and I was coughing, and the guys across the way were dying of laughter! Glad I could entertain them. Dale assured me I wouldnt die. Oh well, I'd rather have a Pina Colada!
Dale dragged me back to the castle after that. But everyone stop in and say hi to Chad at the bar next to Amigos when you are there.

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