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Food, the good, the bad and yes the ugly 10/15 - 25, 2007

By: jackieinpdx2 (View Profile)
Date: 10/28/2007

All prices are in pesos unless otherwise indicated.
Mininos -

$100 for a huge plate of camarones al ajillo, 10 large shrimp prepared in a spicy garlic sauce, rice, beans, salad, chips and pico de gallo. Eating lunch with my feet in the sand, can it get any better than that?
Another day we had the large shrimp cocktail and guacamole with drinks for happy hour.

Ballpark Tacos -

Our bill for the three of us was $137 for 4 tacos, an order of fundido con chorizo and three large very cold cervezas. Very good and very filling for cheap.

Alamar Lounge –

The view from here is awesome. We shared the crab and corn empanadas and had a drink while watching the sunset.

Elements of the Island -

Every breakfast here was very good.
$78 The first morning I made the mistake of ordering the Swiss breakfast. I say it was a mistake because I had no idea that there was going to be way too much food. First I got the homemade bread, coffee and OJ. Then came the bowl of birchermüesli followed by a huge plate of Swiss potatoes topped with two eggs.
$48 The next day I just ordered the potatoes and eggs so I could enjoy them without being already stuffed.
$45 The wheat tortilla quesadilla stuffed with brie, Swiss potatoes and chaya was excellent.
$62 The last morning I had a plate of brie,homemade bread , bacon and tea which was just the right amount of food before heading out to the ferry.

Angelos -

Everything here was very good as usual. I really like the pizzas with the thin crunchy crust. Cheryl and I shared the shrimp and scampi plate. $180 for 6 large scampi and 9 large shrimp with grilled zucchini, onion, potato and red pepper. We managed to eat all of the shrimp and scampi but couldn’t finish the veggies. Denise and a friend shared the lasagna which was also very good.

Sunday Ribs -
$40 will get you a large amount of meat and fixings with a bunch of tortillas. Tasty and filling.

San Cochos -

They have a special low season menu with everything priced at $40 - $50. Twice I had the chicken enchiladas verde served with salad and rice. We asked for a side of the really good beans and were not charged extra for them. Denise had the chicken enchilada mole and said that it was really good. Cheryl had a shrimp taco one night that was very good as well. Drinks are two for one and they do make a pretty good mojito. San Cochos is the a good choice if you want to watch sports on a large screen and eat some really good food. The waitresses are very nice young ladies.

Alexis and Giovanni’s -

$30 for rice, beans, bacon, fried eggs and tortillas. We think that the bacon was turkey maybe. It was different than usual for there.

Pizza Rock -
We had a late lunch so Denise and shared a small Pizza Rock pizza for dinner $70. It was good, I liked the crust. On Tuesday you can get 2x1 pizzas.

M&J Cazuelas -

Denise had the Cazuela Holbox and I had the Cazuela Contoy. I think Cheryl had an omelet. The Cazuelas were very good as they always are. And you certainly can’t beat the view from here.

El Varadero -

(the ugly)
We had a very bad experience here. I ate there last May and we had excellent service and other than the over cooked pork our meal was good. I had not eaten there since last May but had stopped in a couple of times for drinks.
We pulled up in our golfcart and noticed that there were several local men sitting on and around the porch drinking. We got to our table and got menus. No more sign on the wall posting the menu. The prices have gone up considerably in the last year. We all ordered Mojitos and the grilled shrimp dinner. The Mojitos were good as always. However the shrimp was very over done, tough and chewy, the garlic bread was hard and dried out, the beans and rice were cold. Service was pretty much nonexistent. We had to practically yell at the waiter to get more Mojitos. The first room you walk into used to have quite a bit of charm and overall the restaurant had a lot of ambiance. I said that the “ambiance had been altered”. The room with all of the memorabilia now has a Pepsi case with a glaring bright light in it and a lot of the memorabilia has been removed.
There was a young couple leaning against the railing making out then they sat to eat and continued to be very non discreet in their making out. Her feet were in his lap if you know what I mean. Then another young man came out and there was much discussion about something. The owner came out and was very drunk and surly yelling at the young man. It was not very comfortable for the newbie with us. When we left Denise said the men outside were laughing at us. Why? Probably because we just spent $150 for a really bad meal and experience.
The view is still great but I won’t be going back there for ameal again. Two strikes and they are off my list.

It may look good but it wasn’t. Even in this photo you can tell the shrimp is overdone.

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